Euro Cuisine YMX650 Yogurt Maker Review


The Euro Cuisine YMX650 is one of the most sought after and best selling yogurt makers. Its range of features and price makes buying it a tempting proposition, and looking at the quality of yogurt it can make, many have a hard time choosing between this and other models.

Making your own yogurt at home is beneficial in many ways. Most importantly, you have control of what ingredients to use, are able to create a healthy snack and avoid some additives that you may not want to consume, and you save money than if you were to be buying in store.


The YMX650 is not entirely different in terms of features with other models from Euro Cuisine. As a matter of fact, there are only a few differences. Here are the features in detail.

  • Comes with Seven 6-ounce glass jars
  • Has a high quality LCD display
  • Has a 15 hours timer for your convenience
  • Comes complete with a thorough and helpful instruction booklet.
  • Generous 3-year warranty

How It Performs

Using the YMX650 is really easy. It only has two buttons for controlling everything. You can set the timer depending on your tastes, ideally between 6 to 12 hours. The maximum amount of time you can set is 15 hours.

To sweeten the deal, it has an LCD display. Despite being simple, it adds a nice touch to the whole machine and it makes reading a bit easy since it is backlit. When in operation, it counts down until the set time is over and it makes a beep as notification.

The automatic timer is really handy since you might be preoccupied with other things or may have gone out of the house and you will have nothing to worry about knowing the timer will turn the unit off when it is done.

Another feature I liked is that the lids of the jars have dates. As insignificant as this might seem, it is very useful. It helps you keep track of when the yogurt was made. It is particularly handy if you make yogurt regularly.

Since the YMX650 comes with only 7 jars, bigger families are better off purchasing more jars to keep a steady flow of yogurt. And if you want, you can buy a bigger Pyrex 7-Cup Glass Bowl that easily fits in the maker. It is also important for making Greek yogurt.

Coming to the yogurt itself, the YMX650 does a commendable job. It is better than many of the yogurts you can buy in a store, and of course you have more control over what goes in it! Included in the box is an instruction booklet that also contains recipes.


Cleaning is not difficult at all. The jars are made of glass and are dishwasher safe. But if you are feeling a bit lazy washing all the jars, you can purchasing a bigger container.

What Others Are Saying

Checking on Amazon proves that this is one of the best yogurt makers on the market. It has been rated 4.6 out of 5. This is better than the 4.3 stars earned by the YM100 which is the most popular yogurt maker.


If you are searching for a great yogurt maker, then the YMX650 could as well be your answer. It has great features at an affordable price. But most importantly, it is one of the machines that produces great homemade yogurt.

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