What Are The Best Commercial Yogurt Makers?

denis 5600Consuming yogurt on daily bases can be very beneficial for your digestive system. The reason behind this is that the yogurt contains good bacteria which can have positive effect on your entire body. Since we have concluded that yogurt is good for your health, we now have to identify which yogurt is the best. The answer to this is very simple. The best yogurt is the one you either make at home or buy freshly made, because you will clearly know which ingredients you have used. In order to be able to make fresh yogurt in the comfort of your home, or indeed to serve it to the public, you will need to have a yogurt maker. There are plenty of yogurt makers that can turn the process of making yogurt into a real pleasure. We present you two we believe are among the best commercial yogurt makers, meaning they are reliable, have a good capacity so can make enough to serve customers or use for a restaurant for example, and at home.

Cuisinart CYM-100

Cuisinart CYM-100 Electronic Yogurt Maker is a practical appliance which will make sure you always have delicious yogurt waiting for you in the refrigerator. This yogurt maker is made of stainless steel and it is relatively small so it can be easily stored when not in use and fits perfectly in commercial kitchens. The maker is very simple to use even for those who don’t have much experience in making yogurt. It has a button to start/stop the process. The time control gives you the opportunity to choose the appropriate time required for fermentation.  All you need to do is put the ingredients inside the yogurt container, cover it with the lid and place it into the housing. Close the housing and set the timer. Press the start button and your work is done. Once the maker finishes the process of fermentation, the maker will continue cooling the yogurt until you turn it off.

Deni 5600

Deni 5600 1-Quart Electric Yogurt Maker is another great way to make yogurt. This is another small and practical yogurt maker that can help you produce yogurt in the comfort of your home in just a few hours. It comes with 6 glass jars covered by a see through lid. It can make up to 2 quarts of yogurt in one process. The process is as it follows: you put the ingredients into the glass jars and you close them, then you put them in the maker and you close the maker. You should turn on the maker and set the timer. It usually takes from 6 to 12 hours for the yogurt to be ready. Once it is ready you will hear a signal from the maker and it means that the yogurt is ready. All six jars can be washed in the dishwasher so you don’t have to worry about leaving the kitchen in mess once everything is done.

These makers are a convenient way to prepare fresh yogurt that will satisfy the daily needs of your body and will help you stay in good shape. The produce large quantities of yogurt at the same time to satisfy all those yogurt-lovers you have around the house. You are a step away from having fresh yogurt at all times.

Deni 5600 1 – Quart Yogurt Maker Review

deni 5600The majority of people are more health conscious nowadays especially, those who are aware that they can easily find a lot of dodgy additives and toxins from the food that they eat. That is why they always seek for a healthier alternative and that usually includes vegetables, fresh fruits, and wholesome products such as yogurts. The great thing is you can easily make your own yogurt at the convenience of your own kitchen with the help of Deni 5600 1 – Quart Electric Yogurt Maker. It is an amazing piece of equipment, which is backed up by the current 4.5/5 star rating it has on Amazon – it lets you create your own version of yogurt by using your favorite fruit or other ingredients – if you love yogurts, this model may well be a must have.


What makes This One of the Best Yogurt Makers?

  • 2 quarts max – This electric yogurt maker can make 2 quarts of yogurt at a time so you can make enough homemade yogurt for the whole family. Save yourself the time and hassle in repeating the same process if you would use a small yogurt maker because this equipment can surely create a lot, which is perfect for the whole family.
  • 6-12 hours timer / buzzer – Deni 5600 1 also have six to twelve hours shutoff timer and a buzzer, which buzzes as soon as the home made yogurt is done and ready to eat. You do not need to monitor it for hours, just put all the ingredients, sit back, wait for the buzzer, and you can already enjoy a creamy home made yogurt with your friends or family.
  • 6 glasses – This is perhaps one of the best features this yogurt maker has. The six glasses that can contain 6 ounces each lets you create 6 different flavored yogurts at a time. Unlike majority of yogurt machines that only allow you to create one flavor in one making.
  • See through lid – You can keep an eye on your yogurt and check it is progressing correctly. The creation of yogurt can be fascinating for some especially, for children that is why this amazing yogurt maker has see through lid so you and your children can watch the whole process.
  • Dishwasher safe – All parts are dishwasher safe so if you are done using it, you can just easily put it in, wash it, and it is ready to use again. Easy and hassle free.
  • Fresh ingredients – By using Deni 5600 1, you do not need to use any kind of additives or artificial flavorings because fresh ingredients are enough to create a creamy, delicious, and mouth-watering home made yogurt that everybody are sure to enjoy.
  • Portability – This electric yogurt maker only weighs 3.6 pounds so you can easily carry it wherever you go may it be a party at your friend’s house, outing, or any other special occasion. This allows you to enjoy a freshly made yogurt anytime and anywhere.

Those are just some of the advantages that you can enjoy by using Deni 5600 1 Quart Electric Yogurt Maker, all of that for only $15, exceptional value when compared with many of the competitors you will find, and though it doesn’t quite have all the features some of them do, it does give them a run for their money! A good solution for most hobby yogurt makers.

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