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About My Yogurt Maker - My Yogurt Maker

About My Yogurt Maker

My Yogurt Maker is a site on a mission! To provide the ultimate resource about one of the world’s most famous and most loved foods, yogurt! From Greek Yogurt to Frozen Yogurt, we’re aiming to show you the best recipes, and make sure you buy the best yogurt maker in the first place, reviewing products from manufacturers such as Dash, Euro Cuisine and powerhouse small appliance maker Cuisinart.

On top of all of this, we are also aiming to bring you much more, such as recipes, both for making yogurt in the first place and then things you can do with it once it has been prepared, that means main courses and sweet courses and snacks. Yogurt can go in your granola for breakfast, your lunch box, your dinnertime curry and your dessert at the end of the day, as well as providing a great snack. PLUS it has many health benefits including probiotics, and being a great part of a healthy diet.

It’s versatile, tasty, and surprisingly easy to make and use, so we’re here to show you exactly that.

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