Best Yogurt Makers Under $100

eurocuisingA pack of yogurt from your local store isn’t the cheapest thing in the market today, especially depending on the brand. Why pay a few dollars every day for a yogurt when you can actually make your own and save? Buying your own ingredients and yogurt maker might sound costly but in the long run, once you have been making your own yogurt for months and years, you’ll find it actually cheaper and more efficient. Why? – Because you can buy and use a yogurt maker that only costs below $100.

For our cheapest option, you can have a Euro Cuisine GY50 Greek Yogurt Maker that you can use for a good few years.  This yogurt maker doesn’t look fancy but it does a decent job in making yogurts and it is BPA free.  This Greek Yogurt Maker can also be used to make cheese yogurt which is a growing trend among yogurt makers.

If you fancy making other types of yogurt aside from Greek and Cheese yogurt, then add a few more dollars and get the Epica Homemade Organic Set and Go Yogurt Maker. For only a touch more than the above if you will purchase it online, this machine comes with a three year warranty. Despite its cool price, Epica promises that it can culture your yogurt with the right temperature and it can make it sweet and thick like real yogurt should be. With this yogurt maker from Epica, you can now make other yogurts like soy, almond, dairy or strawberry yogurt among others.

Making a yogurt with a specifically designed jar or glass adds to the coziness of a homemade yogurt. This is something that a EuroCuisine Yogurt Maker can offer as it comes with 7 6-ounces glasses that you can readily use. Now you can make yogurt for the whole family without worrying where to put it and how to divide it equally.  If they want different yogurt flavors, you can prepare it at once as well using the each glass. Are you worried of its price? Don’t be! The RRP meets our price criteria.

If you a little more dollars more and you want a yogurt maker that looks fancy and cute, then you can get another Euro Cusisine Yogurt Maker – the Automatic one, and quite possibly our favourite yogurt maker. This automatic yogurt maker also comes with its own glasses but it works automatically. Buying this yogurt maker means having free recipe book of different yogurts to make and an easy to use yogurt maker with its two-button operation system.

However, if you are a mom who loves making yogurt for the kids and you have a big family to begin with, then get a Cuisinart CYM-100 Electronic Yogurt Maker with automatic cooling. This yogurt maker can make up to 50 ounce of yogurt at once. It comes with time control to make fermenting easier to control, allowing you to control the thickness and sweetness of your yogurt before serving time.  Its RRP is over the $100 mark but you may well be able to find one under. Check the current price on Amazon.

With so many yogurt maker brands out there, it is no surprise that such machine can only cost around $20 or less than $100 and still offers warranty and promises durability. Remember, you don’t need a high-end yogurt maker to make the best yogurt, you will only need love, dedication and a yogurt maker that works.

CAM Yogurter Yogurt Maker Review

camI love yogurt. I really do. I keep on eating it because it is delicious. Yogurt is also healthy. That is another great thing about yogurt. Healthy and delicious. It is hard to go wrong with yogurt. Actually, I think that it is impossible to go wrong with yogurt. Anyways, I got tired of buying yogurt at the store. I wanted to be able to make my own yogurt. You know? I wanted yogurt that was home made. I wanted yogurt that would allow me to be in control of its’ process. Therefore, I started looking for yogurt. I started going around trying to find yogurt makers within my budget and on this site we write reviews of the best yogurt makers. I realized that I wanted a yogurt maker that was nice to look at but that made decent yogurt. You would be surprised to know how hard that is. In fact, if you don’t know what you’re looking for, it can be tough to find a half-way decent yogurt maker. There are some bad yogurt makers out there. I remember the first yogurt maker that I bought I hated. It managed to create terrible yogurt. It was really really bad. This couldn’t be further from that…

Luckily, the CAM Yogurter Yogurt Maker is a wonderful machine. I think that when I got it I was not expecting much. However, these expectations could have been much higher and this yogurt maker would still have exceeded them. Yes, this was quite the yogurt maker. I think that the yogurt maker that this machine makes is delicious. I could eat the yogurt that this machine made again and again.

It looks like it could be a little flimsy from the outside but it really isn’t and has a stainless steel interior which is as good as any out there. The controls are simple, well, that’s an understatement, there’s just the one ‘start’ control on the front, so it couldn’t be easier to use for adults and children alike. It has a massive 1L capacity which is far more than most yogurt makers.

Also, this machine makes yogurt pretty quickly. The last machine that I had took two days to make yogurt. This machine makes yogurt in almost nine hours. That is pretty quick for a yogurt making machine. Yes, this machine makes the most wonderful yogurt that I have ever had. The design is fun and cute and works well for children, so you can get the little ones involved in the process and teach them about a nutritious snack. I can’t get over how cute the machine is. Yes, if you want a cute machine that makes really nice yogurt then you should get this machine. I think that this is a machine that I will keep for a long time and has provided a solution to my needs for a long time, and at a really reasonable price.

VitaClay 2 in 1 Yogurt Maker and Slow Cooker Review

vitaclayFor those who want to prepare yogurt in large batches, the VitaClay 2 in 1 Yogurt Maker may well be the one. It also comes with a slow cooker feature which makes it versatile. It is very convenient to use and extremely cost efficient.

The main differentiator that VitaClay is the way it has been produced. While most of the other products are made up of plastic and metal, VitaClay provides a healthy chemical free option made of clay.  Secondly it has a very good temperature control. It has several temperature settings, namely High, Low and the one us yogurt fanatics will be keen on, called um… Yogurt. It also provides the option to choose your own ingredients where you can ensure it can be low fat and free of additives and preservatives. Since it is a clay pot, it is renowned for its ability to retain the flavor and hold the nutrients together.

It comes with an instruction manual and a recipe booklet. When you want to try different types of yogurt, the recipe booklet is really helpful as it provides a myriad of healthy and gourmet recipes which can be simply customized to your personal preferences, for a but of fun and for your health requirements.

The unit has a well-designed heating base with three leg stand and has a power cord. The inside of the base is very broad which can accommodate good amount of yogurt. It comes with two handles on either sides which easy to carry. There is a separate clay pot that fits well into the base. It needs to be covered with a see through glass lid which also has a handle at the top. The size of the unit is 2 Quart/64 Ounces.

While making yogurt through a slow cooker model, you can use any kind of milk and some plain yogurt or yogurt culture. I preferred the instant nonfat dry milk as it helped to make the yogurt thicker and smoother. Using the VitaClay 2 in 1 Yogurt Maker and Slow Cooker in Clay, is one of the easiest way to make homemade yogurt. There is not much you need to do in the yogurt preparation. You just have to enjoy the wait and allow the yogurt maker to produce wonderful results that is worth waiting for.

VitaClay 2 in 1 Yogurt Maker’s clay pot comes unglazed to provide the true benefits of cooking in clay to the user, the type of cooking we often see in the eastern countries utilize this. The removable clay pot and the glass lid is very neatly designed, handy, convenient to carry, store in the refrigerator and easy to clean.

This unit can be of real use when you have to prepare significant amount of yogurt in less time for parties and occasions. The best thing you will like about this one is the clay insert that enhances flavor and texture. It is also best suited to make yogurt cheese and one of the all-time favorites, the ever-nutritious greek yogurt.

The unique value proposition of this product lies in taking advantage of the centuries-old slow-cooking in organic clay pot with good temperature control that ultimately delivers a healthy nutritious and flavorful yogurt.

The Best Yogurt Makers for Soy Yogurt

foldingMost yogurt makers can make many different types and kinds of yogurt especially our favorite soy yogurt. If you prefer soy, or have dietary requirements meaning soy yogurt is your only option, or you simply are looking for a multifunctional yogurt maker, check out our list for all the research on the best machines for making yogurt with soy.

The Folding Bread Proofer and Yogurt Maker is not your ordinary yogurt maker that prepares yogurt alone. Aside from being used in preparing yogurts, this baby can also ferment and rise bread dough as well as melt chocolate for your chocolate drink. Aside from these basic things that the Folding Bread Proofer and Yogurt Maker can do, it can also be used to keep your cookies and chips crispier.

Check out the current price of this model and further reviews

For a reasonable price, this soy yogurt maker is considered a super gift for most people who love working in their kitchen. Imagine the ability to make soy yogurt with exact thickness and tartness- that is what this yogurt maker promises. After making your yogurt, then bake some bread and presto- the kids have something heathy for their afternoon snack.

In terms of yogurt making and preparing soy yogurt, Cuisinart has something to say with its Cuisinart CYM100 Electric Yogurt Maker. For as only $130, you can now prepare your own soy yogurt or smoothies just like Pat Crocker.  This yogurt maker comes with the Cuisinart automatic cooling system (time controlled) so you don’t have to keep watching over it while it is making your soy yogurt.

The stainless design of this Cuisinart yogurt maker is timeless, giving it a look of elegance that will definitely suit your kitchen.

If you have more money to spend on a yogurt maker to ensure that your soy yogurt is at its best form afterwards, then you can have the $180 bucks yogurt maker from Salton. The Salton YM9 1-Quart Yogurt Maker can help you make soy yogurt for the entire family. Making a yogurt at this 1-quart container can definitely allow you to save a few bucks per preparation and in the long run, you’ll realize that your family yogurt just cost 10% of what you can be paying if you will purchase one in the market.

This Salton yogurt maker is freezer safe inside and it can be easily cleaned using hot soapy water or a warm cloth. Salton also offer 1 year warranty for this product.

Still, just like what most people have said, yogurt making doesn’t need to be expensive hence you can just purchase some soy and milk for your soy yogurt and use a cheap yogurt maker like Dash Yogurt Maker. This yogurt maker is simple in design and is very compact yet it is BPA free. It only cost $19 and it comes with a free recipe book on how to make other yogurts aside from soy yogurt.

If you are living alone or in a dorm or rented apartment, getting a cheap, compact and small yogurt maker will do since you will not be using it constantly. If you are living with a big family that loves yogurt though, one of these makers will do a superb job.

Best Frozen Yogurt Recipes for your Yogurt Maker

4666462740_b7e579f05f_oFrozen yogurt is an extremely delicious frozen dessert.  It is not similar to an ice-cream because it makes use of milk instead of cream. Moreover, frozen yogurt is lower in fat and may not always contain active bacteria cultures. The frozen yogurt usually contains milk solids, sweetener and milk fat etc. Although there are many outlets that offer frozen yogurt to their customers but the best frozen yogurt can usually made at home, and is even easier with the advent of new technology and appliances for your kitchen! This healthy snack is sure to be a hit with the whole family.


Recommended Model: Cuisinart ICE:

This is one of the top yogurt makers out there for making frozen yogurt, it has a double insulated inner compartment so you don’t need ice, a huge capacity and a stirring paddle which means you can make your dessert in around 20 minutes!

If you are planning to surprise your family and friends with an amazing frozen yogurt then all you need is an excellent recipe. This article will mention one of the finest frozen yogurt recipes which are treasured by everyone. Users have rated the below mentioned recipes high on taste and ease.

The Blueberry frozen yogurt recipe is great for people who love berries and also want to please the kids. This recipe requires ½ cup sugar, 1 ½ fresh mashed blueberries and 4 cups of Greek yogurt.  Make sure that the blueberries are cooked well with sugar in low heat in a saucepan. Keep them inside the pan until the sugar dissolves and the sauce starts to thicken a bit. Afterwards, stir the syrup into the yogurt until it is properly mixed with the Greek yogurt.  The mixture needs to be placed in the fridge for two hours before it can be chilled in an ice cream or frozen yogurt machine.

This blue berry frozen yogurt is a wonderful recipe and won’t turn your taste buds down. Children and adults absolutely love this frozen yogurt because it extremely flavorsome.  Some users also like topping their blueberry frozen yogurt with oatmeal cookies, roasted nuts and granola before serving.

The very best frozen yogurt is the one which is tasty, artistic and fresh.  One such frozen yogurt is the Raspberry frozen yogurt. This astonishing dessert can also be made at home within hours. Before trying this recipe, it is essential that one adds a little hint of caramelization in the berries by putting them in the oven for a while. Some people have also tried balsamic vinegar on their berries as they love having a hint of sweet and sour flavor in their yogurt. This recipe requires 1 pint of fresh raspberries, a tablespoon of maple syrup, 1 teaspoon of balsamic vinegar, pinch of sea salt, one cup of yogurt, 2/3 cup of turbinado sugar, 2 tablespoons of vodka and one tablespoon of fresh lemon juice.

The berries need to be toasted in the oven so that the juices are bubbling. This roasting needs to be done for 30 minutes in an oven, which is to be heated at 400 degrees. Once the berries are fairly cool, everything needs to go in the blender. Later on, all of the ingredients have to be added in the blender because they will then be combined to form an amazing raspberry yogurt.  The mixture needs to be strained to remove seeds and then added into the ice-cream or frozen yogurt maker.  Once the yogurt is done, make sure you serve it with some freshly cut berries and bittersweet chocolate shavings.

How to Use a Yogurt Maker – Complete Guide

euro greekUsing a yogurt maker is simple. The most intimidating part, to beginners especially, is the preparation of the yogurt before putting it in the maker. But once you get the hang of it, you will realize that this is simple as well.

Yogurt makers have a simple task of providing heat to the mixture of milk and culture which in the end makes yogurt. Because of this, they do not come with a ton of features.

You will usually find an on/off switch and buttons for setting the timer. Some will also include a light indicator to let you know the machine is in operation. But do not be surprised to find none of these as models differ.

Using A Maker To Make Yogurt

Here are the steps to follow when making yogurt in a yogurt maker. This is just one recipe, and you can experiment, as well as finding other yogurt recipes people have used to make their own homemade versions. Of course, Greek yogurt and other variations require a slightly different process.


½ cup of yogurt starter

8 cups of milk

1/3 cup of powdered dry milk


1. Get the milk ready by pouring it into a large bowl. If you are using whole milk, add 1/3 cup of powdered milk. However, you can also use half whole and half low-fat milk, it will be just fine.

2. Heat the milk to 190 degrees Fahrenheit. You can use a candy thermometer to measure the temperature. If your yogurt maker came with one, you are welcome to use that as well. The heating process usually takes 20 – 30 minutes.

3. When that is done, cool the milk to 115 degrees Fahrenheit. Use the same thermometer for assurance.  Since this process can take long, it is a good idea to speed it up.

Simply fill up a sink with ice water and put the bowl in. Additionally, you can stir. This will reduce the cooling time tremendously.

4. Once temperature drops to the desired level, add the starter. It has live active bacteria which is needed to make yogurt. Opt for plain yogurt to achieve the best results.

For simplicity, pour some milk into a smaller bowl to mix with the starter. You should stir thoroughly until it is evenly mixed. You can then mix it with the rest of the milk and stir for some seconds.

5. The next thing will be to put your mixture into the jars. This will depend on how many of these you have. I prefer to use one large container because it is easy to clean. Once in the container, close it with the lid.

You can then put the container in the maker and turn it on. If it has a timer, refer to your manual on how to set that up.

The fermentation process can take 6 – 12 hours, the longer the better. You might want to experiment with the time as each will produce different tastes. 

6. When the set time elapses, your milk-starter mixture will have turned into yogurt. But it will not be ready for consumption just yet. You will need to put it in a refrigerator for 2 – 10 hours. After that, you can enjoy it.

So basically, that is how you can use a yogurt maker. Most units come with a recipe book. You can use that if you want some variety. There is a video below which also shows you the steps of how to make Greek Yogurt, something many people have an interest in doing, which has an extra straining process involved.

Severin JG3519 Yogurt Maker Review

severinPeople who are into healthy eating, know how helpful it is to consume yogurt on regular basis. Yogurt is full of good bacteria which are beneficial for your digestion and your whole body. However, not every yogurt is good for you, with additives and preservatives to increase shelf lives. The other option is to make your own yogurt and control what goes into it. The second option sounds a lot better, as you can always be sure of the ingredients used to make the yogurt and you will always know the exact date when it was produced. The good news is that there are a number of quality yogurt makers that can turn the making of yogurt into a really fun experience.

Severin JG3519 Yogurt Maker is a practical appliance that will help you make the best yogurt you have ever tried. It is very small so you can easily find a place to store it when not in use. This maker is round and consists of a base and a transparent lid. On the base there is a button to turn on/off the maker. It comes with seven transparent jars with lids that fit perfectly into the base. The use of separate jars allows you to make different tastes all at the same time. If you want to make only one taste, then instead of the jars you can use one bigger bowl.

The duration of the process depends on the ingredients you use. If you are using milk then you should pre heat it to 90°C and then leave it to cool to around 30°C before you put it into the jars. Add one or two teaspoons of natural yogurt, place the jars into the maker and turn it on. After 5 to 6 hours your yogurt will be ready. If you decide to use cold milk directly out of the refrigerator then you would need to leave the jars inside the maker for 8 to 9 hours. Another option would be for you to use dry culture which can also be delicious. Regardless of your choice make sure to carefully read the provided instructions. Once the process of making the yogurt is finished remove the jars and put them in the refrigerator to avoid ruining the taste of the yogurt. It is recommended to drink the yogurt as soon as possible, so make sure to plan ahead and possibly make a smaller quantity of yogurt.   

The yogurt maker can be easily cleaned as the jars can be washed in the dishwasher. In addition you can buy extra jars since they are very good for storing things.

So what are you waiting for? You are a step away from having your own yogurt maker that will give you the opportunity to make delicious yogurt in the comfort of your home for very affordable price.

What is the Best Thermometer for Yogurt Making?

yogourmet thermometerYogurt is something that may well be a big part of your daily routine. Researches have shown that yogurt contains bacteria which is beneficial for your entire body. It helps the digestive system and maintains your body, helping to keep you in good condition. Buying yogurt from the shop is the easiest thing to do. But you can never know whether it is fresh or not. If you buy a yogurt which was not produced according the agreed standards than it will cause more harm than good. The only way you can know that the yogurt is good is if you make it yourself. Don’t be afraid, it is easier than it seems. You can use a yogurt maker and get good quality product in a matter of hours. The more sophisticated yogurt makers come with all the bells and whistles. However, they cost more. If you have a limited budget then you can decide to buy a simple maker, or you can even do it without.

Making yogurt is all about controlling the temperature. So basically all you need is to have a good thermometer that will allow you to check the temperature and know whether to increase or decrease the heat. Once you prepare the ingredients you plan on using take your thermometer. There are a number of thermometers available on the market.

One of them is Yogourmet Yogurt Making Thermometer. It is made of stainless steel and it is very easy to use. It has a handy clip attachment so you won’t have to hold it or be afraid you will lose it in the container. The temperature ranges between -10deg.C to 100deg.C or 25deg.F to 200deg.F. Make sure you don’t submerge it into liquid, as the moisture can enter in the inside of the thermometer.  However even if it does after it dries it will be as good as new. The dial is relatively big and the numbers can be easily seen.

Another option is to use a digital thermometer. PBKay thermometer is made of stainless steel and it can be used to check temperature varying between -58 and 572 degrees Fahrenheit (or -50 to 300 degrees Celsius). All you need to do is to put the tip of the thermometer into the yogurt and look at the digital screen. Don’t worry if you submerged it into water as it is water resistant. The display turns off automatically and extends the life of the batteries.

Both thermometers will do the given task which is to measure the temperature of your yogurt. They are very small, so you won’t even notice them in the kitchen. After each use make sure to clean them well but don’t submerge the entire thermometer in water if you are using the analog one. They are similarly priced and are very affordable. Regardless of your choice you will be able to make delicious yogurt and satisfy the daily need of nutrients and good bacteria for your body.  Once you taste a homemade yogurt it will instantly become your favourite food!

Tribest Yolife YL-210 Yogurt Maker Review

yolifeWe are lucky enough to live in an age where there are many helpful devices that allow us to prepare healthy meals in a very short period of time. One thing that many people find themselves consuming every day is yogurt. Researches have shown that consuming yogurt on regular bases can improve the general condition of your body, as yogurt contains good bacteria that will help your digestive system. The benefits of this versatile ingredient are huge, and homemade yogurt is the best way to go. Luckily there are a number of good yogurt makers that allow you to make your favourite food in the comfort of your home.

Looks and Features

Tribest Yolife YL-210 is a very practical yogurt maker that enables you to mix and match different recipes until you get your favourite flavor. The maker consists of main body, standard cover and tall cover. It comes with seven jars so you can make different yogurt flavors and varieties at the same time and have individual servings ready to go. However, if you want to stick to one flavor and you need a bigger quantity then you can use your own glass container and cover it with the higher lid that comes included.

The maker has a time indicator that will inform you once your yogurt is ready. The time needed for preparation of the yogurt will depend on the recipe you use. The usual time is between 8 and 12 hours.  Make sure to use the yogurt immediately after you make it, as the maker doesn’t have a cooling mechanism, so if you forget about the yogurt it might not taste that good after a while. If you are planning on eating it later, just put in the refrigerator and it will be good whenever you decide to eat it.

The best part about this yogurt maker is that you can be sure that the yogurt is fresh and you will know exactly which ingredients you have used. When buying a yogurt form the shop you can never know how long it was sitting on the shelf before you came and bought it. If you prepare the yogurt by yourself you can be sure of its quality. The price is very affordable and it will help you save money, as you won’t have to buy yogurt from the shop anymore. You can make the exact quantity you need and you won’t have to throw away some food.

Hopefully this article has been helpful. It has given you a brief overview of the design and functionalities of Tribest Yolife YL-210 yogurt maker and a little hint on how to use it. You have noticed that it is a very simple device and you don’t need to be a chef or have any cooking experience whatsoever to be able to make yogurt. All you need is the desire to learn and the courage to experiment with different tastes. Once you try your homemade yogurt you will never think of buying one again!

Instant Pot IP-DUO60 7-in-1 Cooker and Yogurt Maker Review

instant potIf you live a busy life that finding time to cook a proper meal is something you only dream about, then you might appreciate getting a pressure cooker. But there are always safety concerns which is why many are reluctant to investing in one. However, with the Instant Pot IP-DUO60, those fears are unnecessary.

The best part is it works really well and a quick search on the internet will reveal how much love it is getting – consumers are going nuts for it. The reason we’re featuring it here? You’ve guessed it, it is a yogurt maker as well as its other functions!


Here are the features of the Instant Pot IP-DUO60:

  • Excellent control panel with 14 built-in programs
  • Stainless steel cooking pot
  • Lots of safety features
  • Dishwasher safe
  • 1-year warranty

Build Quality

There is no doubt that you expect to get your money’s worth from a machine this pricey. And in as far as build quality is concerned, there is no question that this is a machine built to last. It is made from stainless steel and there is some plastic here and there. Adding to that, it has an attractive design and is hard wearing.


What makes the Instant Pot IP-DUO60 stand out is that it combines 7 functions in one hence being called 7 in 1. You can use it as a pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, saute, yogurt maker, steamer and warmer. Thankfully, it excels in all those functions. 

The yogurt is one of the strongest parts of the cooker, and provides excellent yogurt every time, meaning that it may make sense for you to purchase this instead of another yogurt maker, knowing it is useful for other things as well and can save you money on other appliances.

Making it even better, it cooks really fast. If you are always busy to spend all the time in the kitchen, this is a good way of eating healthy meals without disturbing your life. As long as you know how to use it properly, you can make delicious foods in this.

And talking about that, it takes time to master using the Instant Pot IP-DUO60. But that is the case with all pressure cookers. Fortunately, there are a lot of videos and articles on the internet that will get you up to speed in no time. The Instant Pot IP-DUO60 can cook a range of foods like meat, vegetables etc.

The cooking pot is made from stainless steel. This makes cleaning it easy. Adding to that, it is better than those paint-coated ones found in many pressure cookers. The Instant Pot IP-DUO60 has a lot of safety features eliminating the fear associated with these machines.

As for cleaning, it is very easy. The pot is dishwasher safe, but you can as well use some soap. The rest of the unit can be cleaned with a wet cloth.

What Others Are Saying?

Like said above, there is a lot of love for the Instant Pot IP-DUO60. Consumers say it makes cooking easy and that dishes turn out perfect all the time. Adding to this, it reduces the time spent in the kitchen. Some also applaud it for being safe to use, good looking and very reliable.


If you are looking for a pressure cooker, the Instant Pot IP-DUO60 is all you need. It comes with great features and at an acceptable price. With all that, it is not surprising that it is the one of the best selling pressure cookers. Highly recommended.