Best Yogurt Makers Under $100

eurocuisingA pack of yogurt from your local store isn’t the cheapest thing in the market today, especially depending on the brand. Why pay a few dollars every day for a yogurt when you can actually make your own and save? Buying your own ingredients and yogurt maker might sound costly but in the long run, once you have been making your own yogurt for months and years, you’ll find it actually cheaper and more efficient. Why? – Because you can buy and use a yogurt maker that only costs below $100.

For our cheapest option, you can have a Euro Cuisine GY50 Greek Yogurt Maker that you can use for a good few years.  This yogurt maker doesn’t look fancy but it does a decent job in making yogurts and it is BPA free.  This Greek Yogurt Maker can also be used to make cheese yogurt which is a growing trend among yogurt makers.

If you fancy making other types of yogurt aside from Greek and Cheese yogurt, then add a few more dollars and get the Epica Homemade Organic Set and Go Yogurt Maker. For only a touch more than the above if you will purchase it online, this machine comes with a three year warranty. Despite its cool price, Epica promises that it can culture your yogurt with the right temperature and it can make it sweet and thick like real yogurt should be. With this yogurt maker from Epica, you can now make other yogurts like soy, almond, dairy or strawberry yogurt among others.

Making a yogurt with a specifically designed jar or glass adds to the coziness of a homemade yogurt. This is something that a EuroCuisine Yogurt Maker can offer as it comes with 7 6-ounces glasses that you can readily use. Now you can make yogurt for the whole family without worrying where to put it and how to divide it equally.  If they want different yogurt flavors, you can prepare it at once as well using the each glass. Are you worried of its price? Don’t be! The RRP meets our price criteria.

If you a little more dollars more and you want a yogurt maker that looks fancy and cute, then you can get another Euro Cusisine Yogurt Maker – the Automatic one, and quite possibly our favourite yogurt maker. This automatic yogurt maker also comes with its own glasses but it works automatically. Buying this yogurt maker means having free recipe book of different yogurts to make and an easy to use yogurt maker with its two-button operation system.

However, if you are a mom who loves making yogurt for the kids and you have a big family to begin with, then get a Cuisinart CYM-100 Electronic Yogurt Maker with automatic cooling. This yogurt maker can make up to 50 ounce of yogurt at once. It comes with time control to make fermenting easier to control, allowing you to control the thickness and sweetness of your yogurt before serving time.  Its RRP is over the $100 mark but you may well be able to find one under. Check the current price on Amazon.

With so many yogurt maker brands out there, it is no surprise that such machine can only cost around $20 or less than $100 and still offers warranty and promises durability. Remember, you don’t need a high-end yogurt maker to make the best yogurt, you will only need love, dedication and a yogurt maker that works.

The Best Yogurt Makers for Soy Yogurt

foldingMost yogurt makers can make many different types and kinds of yogurt especially our favorite soy yogurt. If you prefer soy, or have dietary requirements meaning soy yogurt is your only option, or you simply are looking for a multifunctional yogurt maker, check out our list for all the research on the best machines for making yogurt with soy.

The Folding Bread Proofer and Yogurt Maker is not your ordinary yogurt maker that prepares yogurt alone. Aside from being used in preparing yogurts, this baby can also ferment and rise bread dough as well as melt chocolate for your chocolate drink. Aside from these basic things that the Folding Bread Proofer and Yogurt Maker can do, it can also be used to keep your cookies and chips crispier.

Check out the current price of this model and further reviews

For a reasonable price, this soy yogurt maker is considered a super gift for most people who love working in their kitchen. Imagine the ability to make soy yogurt with exact thickness and tartness- that is what this yogurt maker promises. After making your yogurt, then bake some bread and presto- the kids have something heathy for their afternoon snack.

In terms of yogurt making and preparing soy yogurt, Cuisinart has something to say with its Cuisinart CYM100 Electric Yogurt Maker. For as only $130, you can now prepare your own soy yogurt or smoothies just like Pat Crocker.  This yogurt maker comes with the Cuisinart automatic cooling system (time controlled) so you don’t have to keep watching over it while it is making your soy yogurt.

The stainless design of this Cuisinart yogurt maker is timeless, giving it a look of elegance that will definitely suit your kitchen.

If you have more money to spend on a yogurt maker to ensure that your soy yogurt is at its best form afterwards, then you can have the $180 bucks yogurt maker from Salton. The Salton YM9 1-Quart Yogurt Maker can help you make soy yogurt for the entire family. Making a yogurt at this 1-quart container can definitely allow you to save a few bucks per preparation and in the long run, you’ll realize that your family yogurt just cost 10% of what you can be paying if you will purchase one in the market.

This Salton yogurt maker is freezer safe inside and it can be easily cleaned using hot soapy water or a warm cloth. Salton also offer 1 year warranty for this product.

Still, just like what most people have said, yogurt making doesn’t need to be expensive hence you can just purchase some soy and milk for your soy yogurt and use a cheap yogurt maker like Dash Yogurt Maker. This yogurt maker is simple in design and is very compact yet it is BPA free. It only cost $19 and it comes with a free recipe book on how to make other yogurts aside from soy yogurt.

If you are living alone or in a dorm or rented apartment, getting a cheap, compact and small yogurt maker will do since you will not be using it constantly. If you are living with a big family that loves yogurt though, one of these makers will do a superb job.

Best Frozen Yogurt Recipes for your Yogurt Maker

4666462740_b7e579f05f_oFrozen yogurt is an extremely delicious frozen dessert.  It is not similar to an ice-cream because it makes use of milk instead of cream. Moreover, frozen yogurt is lower in fat and may not always contain active bacteria cultures. The frozen yogurt usually contains milk solids, sweetener and milk fat etc. Although there are many outlets that offer frozen yogurt to their customers but the best frozen yogurt can usually made at home, and is even easier with the advent of new technology and appliances for your kitchen! This healthy snack is sure to be a hit with the whole family.


Recommended Model: Cuisinart ICE:

This is one of the top yogurt makers out there for making frozen yogurt, it has a double insulated inner compartment so you don’t need ice, a huge capacity and a stirring paddle which means you can make your dessert in around 20 minutes!

If you are planning to surprise your family and friends with an amazing frozen yogurt then all you need is an excellent recipe. This article will mention one of the finest frozen yogurt recipes which are treasured by everyone. Users have rated the below mentioned recipes high on taste and ease.

The Blueberry frozen yogurt recipe is great for people who love berries and also want to please the kids. This recipe requires ½ cup sugar, 1 ½ fresh mashed blueberries and 4 cups of Greek yogurt.  Make sure that the blueberries are cooked well with sugar in low heat in a saucepan. Keep them inside the pan until the sugar dissolves and the sauce starts to thicken a bit. Afterwards, stir the syrup into the yogurt until it is properly mixed with the Greek yogurt.  The mixture needs to be placed in the fridge for two hours before it can be chilled in an ice cream or frozen yogurt machine.

This blue berry frozen yogurt is a wonderful recipe and won’t turn your taste buds down. Children and adults absolutely love this frozen yogurt because it extremely flavorsome.  Some users also like topping their blueberry frozen yogurt with oatmeal cookies, roasted nuts and granola before serving.

The very best frozen yogurt is the one which is tasty, artistic and fresh.  One such frozen yogurt is the Raspberry frozen yogurt. This astonishing dessert can also be made at home within hours. Before trying this recipe, it is essential that one adds a little hint of caramelization in the berries by putting them in the oven for a while. Some people have also tried balsamic vinegar on their berries as they love having a hint of sweet and sour flavor in their yogurt. This recipe requires 1 pint of fresh raspberries, a tablespoon of maple syrup, 1 teaspoon of balsamic vinegar, pinch of sea salt, one cup of yogurt, 2/3 cup of turbinado sugar, 2 tablespoons of vodka and one tablespoon of fresh lemon juice.

The berries need to be toasted in the oven so that the juices are bubbling. This roasting needs to be done for 30 minutes in an oven, which is to be heated at 400 degrees. Once the berries are fairly cool, everything needs to go in the blender. Later on, all of the ingredients have to be added in the blender because they will then be combined to form an amazing raspberry yogurt.  The mixture needs to be strained to remove seeds and then added into the ice-cream or frozen yogurt maker.  Once the yogurt is done, make sure you serve it with some freshly cut berries and bittersweet chocolate shavings.

What Are The Best Commercial Yogurt Makers?

denis 5600Consuming yogurt on daily bases can be very beneficial for your digestive system. The reason behind this is that the yogurt contains good bacteria which can have positive effect on your entire body. Since we have concluded that yogurt is good for your health, we now have to identify which yogurt is the best. The answer to this is very simple. The best yogurt is the one you either make at home or buy freshly made, because you will clearly know which ingredients you have used. In order to be able to make fresh yogurt in the comfort of your home, or indeed to serve it to the public, you will need to have a yogurt maker. There are plenty of yogurt makers that can turn the process of making yogurt into a real pleasure. We present you two we believe are among the best commercial yogurt makers, meaning they are reliable, have a good capacity so can make enough to serve customers or use for a restaurant for example, and at home.

Cuisinart CYM-100

Cuisinart CYM-100 Electronic Yogurt Maker is a practical appliance which will make sure you always have delicious yogurt waiting for you in the refrigerator. This yogurt maker is made of stainless steel and it is relatively small so it can be easily stored when not in use and fits perfectly in commercial kitchens. The maker is very simple to use even for those who don’t have much experience in making yogurt. It has a button to start/stop the process. The time control gives you the opportunity to choose the appropriate time required for fermentation.  All you need to do is put the ingredients inside the yogurt container, cover it with the lid and place it into the housing. Close the housing and set the timer. Press the start button and your work is done. Once the maker finishes the process of fermentation, the maker will continue cooling the yogurt until you turn it off.

Deni 5600

Deni 5600 1-Quart Electric Yogurt Maker is another great way to make yogurt. This is another small and practical yogurt maker that can help you produce yogurt in the comfort of your home in just a few hours. It comes with 6 glass jars covered by a see through lid. It can make up to 2 quarts of yogurt in one process. The process is as it follows: you put the ingredients into the glass jars and you close them, then you put them in the maker and you close the maker. You should turn on the maker and set the timer. It usually takes from 6 to 12 hours for the yogurt to be ready. Once it is ready you will hear a signal from the maker and it means that the yogurt is ready. All six jars can be washed in the dishwasher so you don’t have to worry about leaving the kitchen in mess once everything is done.

These makers are a convenient way to prepare fresh yogurt that will satisfy the daily needs of your body and will help you stay in good shape. The produce large quantities of yogurt at the same time to satisfy all those yogurt-lovers you have around the house. You are a step away from having fresh yogurt at all times.

Best Yogurt Makers with Temperature Control

Ifcym-100 you want something done, do it yourself! That is the only way you can be sure of its quality and the way it is done. We are referring to food and drinks here, or more precisely to yogurt. We are all aware that yogurt can be beneficial if consumed on a regular basis as it contains a lot of good bacteria that can help your digestive system. Moreover, yogurt can be good for your entire body. Instead of buying yogurt from a shop where there is a chance that it’s not fresh or tasty, and the ingredients cant be guaranteed, you can make it yourself in the comfort of your home. There are a variety of makers you can choose from depending on your preferences. In this article we will focus on one particular type of yogurt makers and that is the one that has a temperature control.

It is difficult to find a yogurt maker that has a temperature control option. Most of the makers only make the yogurt. Some have a cooling mode but very few have a real temperature control. In the research we have made we were able to find one that complies with our requirements.

Cuisinart CYM-100

One of the best yogurt makers on the market full stop, the fact that this offers a cooling mode puts it at a big advantage to many of its competitors and even the rest of the Cuisinart range. Sometimes when the process ends these yogurt makers can continue to cook the yogurt with the residual heat left in the machine. For the ultimate in control this is the one for you. It also offers a huge capacity and is one of the easiest to use yogurt makers out there, as well as being sturdily built and being finished with a classy stainless steel look which is sure to suit any kitchen. The CYM-100 comes with our top recommendation.

Start Set Yogurtia

Start Set Yogurutia is another option which has true temperature control throughout the whole process – a small and practical yogurt maker that doesn’t take too much space and at the same time produces tasty yogurt. This is a Japanese product and although the two buttons are marked in Japanese it’s not a science fiction understanding what they mean. The left button on the maker is to turn on/off the maker. The button on the right is the one that we are interested in the most. That button allows you to adjust the temperature for fermentation. For those people who use the maker to make regular yogurt this won’t mean much. However for those that tend to make different types of products that require a certain temperature for fermentation this maker would be the best thing they have owned.

The maker comes with a tub body with a lid and a spoon that goes inside the maker. To make your drink you just need to put in the desired ingredients inside the tub body, close it and put into the maker. Close it again and set you preferences. The good thing about this maker is that the ingredients don’t have to be pre-cooked. That means that the milk (or whatever else you are using) doesn’t have to be heated prior to the process.

This maker can be bought for an affordable price having in mind the possibilities it offers. With this maker you will not only be able to make yogurt, but you will also be able to make caspian sea yogurt, natto or other things you like consuming. This can be your next favourite kitchen appliance!

Cuisinart CYM-100 Electronic Yogurt Maker Review


Everyone knows how beneficial it can be to consume yogurt. Yogurt contains good bacteria and probiotics which are great for your digestive system, it is healthy and good for any diet. It is easier than ever to have Yogurt on demand now, and to control what is in it, by purchasing a yogurt maker for your own home, a simple and effective appliance. A top choice for your home is the Cuisinart CYM-100 Electronic Yogurt Maker.

Features and Looks

Cuisinart CYM-100 Electronic Yogurt Maker is a practical kitchen appliance that can make your favourite yogurt in no time. But let’s start with the basic things first.

The maker consists of several parts. It has a base or a housing, control panel, yogurt container, lid for the container, another lid for the housing and you get a little scoop that goes with it. The housing is pretty big and you can make up to 50 ounces of yogurt at one time.

It couldn’t be easier to use and is a simple case of switching on and letting it do its business. In terms of producing the yogurt itself:

First you need to put all the ingredients in the yogurt container and put on the matching lid. Then place the container into the base, or the housing and close the other lid as well. Plug in the maker. The default fermentation time is 8 hours. You are offered the option to increase or decrease that time depending on your preferences. Once you choose your time you can press the start button on the control panel. The maker will start the fermentation process and it will start counting the time.

Cooling mode is perhaps what sets this apart from other yogurt makers and ensures no overcooking occurs due to the heat in some machines remaining after shut off. When the fermentation is finished the maker will automatically switch into cooling mode and it will stay in that mode until you turn off the maker. When you decide to turn off the maker you should hold the stop button for about three seconds. Once you turn off the maker you can remove the yogurt container from the housing. You can then place the yogurt into the refrigerator for further use or use the scope to serve the freshly made yogurt.

After you make the yogurt you can play with different flavours. It is recommended that you wait 6 hours from when the cooling started before you add additional ingredients. If you decide to add fruit to your yogurt you can store it for longer time, as fruit doesn’t harm the yogurt. If you decide to add different syrup then you might want to do that on smaller portions rather than on the entire yogurt.


This is an excellently reviewed yogurt maker and though it costs a little more than some of the other models out there, it is seen as an elite version, offering features such as the cooling system and stainless steel housing. It is a luxury model which won’t restrict anything you want to do with your yogurt, it has a big capacity, and does the job perfectly every time.

You can mix and match and create your own recipes any time you want. Once you buy this maker your opportunities are endless. This little helper will make sure you always have freshly produced yogurt that will satisfy your daily needs of probiotics and calcium. So you can be healthy and become expert in the kitchen at the same time.

Cuisinart ICE-30BC Review – Ice Cream and Frozen Yogurt Maker

ice 30bcWe all scream for ice cream! Is there anybody who doesn’t like ice cream? We doubt it! And now you can have it any time you want. You have two options. The first one is to go to your closes supermarket and buy it, which is fine, but it isn’t going to be fresh and the varieties can quickly get boring, plus you don’t have control of the ingredients. The second option is to get an ice cream maker and eat as much as you want any time you want. This might not be good for you figure, but it will definitely satisfy your cravings, plus healthier snacks like frozen yogurt can be made. The market is swamped with ice cream makers, so how can you choose the right one?! We will give you the details on one of them and that is the very highly regarded and well reviewed Cuisinart ICE-30BC.


Cuisinart ICE-30BC is a fully automatic maker which you can use to make all kinds of frozen delights. You can make frozen yogurt, sorbet, ice cream, basically whatever frozen desert you can think of you can make it! The good thing is that you can easily experiment with different ingredients and create many flavours. You can make different recipes every day, until you run out of ideas. And today due to the wide spread of the internet you will have a lot of ideas and recipes to choose from.

This maker is made of stainless still and has a heavy duty motor. It consists of several detachable parts. First of all you have the housing where the freezer bowl is placed, then the freezer bowl itself, the ice cream dasher and a lid. They are all made of quality materials and are very durable. It has an impressive two quartz capacity meaning you can make a high volume of ice cream to feed a lot of people, plus, of course, it will keep for a long time in your freezer, so no pressure to eat it all at once.

How it Works

Here is how the Cuisinart ICE-30BC works. First of all you should put the bowl into the freezer. It is recommended that you leave it over nigh on 0 degrees in order to freeze well. Once the freezer bowl has frozen take it out and place it in the hosing. You should use the freezer bowl immediately after you take it out of the freezer as it will start to melt. Next you should put the ingredients inside and add the ice cream dasher. The dasher is the one that makes the ice cream. Then put the lid on. You will notice that the lid has a huge opening on top. This opening is used to add additional ingredients and spice up your recipe. Turn it on and that is all you need to do. It usually takes 20-25 minutes for the frozen treat to be ready. If you want your desert to be more solid you can put it in the freezer for some time, not to mention it can be kept in the freezer for consumption at a later date.


With this you have completed the procedure of making frozen dessert. As you can see the Cuisinart ICE-30BC is easy to use and very practical. It is a temptation to have in the kitchen, but who can blame us? This product has almost exclusively received five star reviews on amazon and is well reviewed wherever you go on the internet, with people commenting on its durability, build quality and of course the amazing ice cream and frozen yogurt it produces.

Best Frozen Yogurt Makers for the Home

cuisinart iceFrozen yogurt is a healthy alternative to ice cream or other sweet treats, it is tasty, and much better for you! Many high street stores sell frozen yogurt, but you can also make it at home, and there are appliances out there to help you. A decent frozen yogurt can be made in any decent ice cream maker. That is why you will always see ice cream makers being advertised as also capable of making frozen yogurt. Below are some of the best frozen makers you can buy.

Cuisinart ICE-30BC

Clad in a brushed stainless steel housing, the Cuisinart ICE-30BC is actually an attractive sight, especially for a kitchen appliance. Coupled with its ability to make great frozen yogurt and outstanding features, plus the usual top class customer support from Cuisinart, there is no way anyone cannot like this maker.


  • Heavy duty motor
  • Double insulated freezer bowl
  • On/off dial
  • Instruction and recipe booklets

The Cuisinart ICE-30BC makes great frozen yogurt. And it does this in less than 25 minutes living up to Cuisinart’s claim that it gets the job done in 25 minutes or less. The freezer bowl is just adequate with a capacity of 2 quarts. Cleaning it is a breeze and so are the other parts (4 parts in total).

The instructions booklet it comes with is clear and you will be making frozen yogurt in minutes, thanks to the included recipes. There is just a single dial for turning it on or off. Overall usability is outstanding and couldn’t be easier. It is versatile, very high quality and can handle making big capacities for a big family! I highly recommend this if you are looking forward to making frozen yogurt for your family.

Hamilton Beach 68330N

Not everyone can afford the high-end frozen yogurt makers. And the good thing is that the market is well diversified and you will likely find something cheaper like the Hamilton Beach 68330N, it is a budget alternative to some of the big price tag products out there but that doesn’t mean you have to suffer with quality.


  • 4 quarts capacity
  • Easy lock lid
  • User manual with 20 recipes

At first glance, you might be concerned with the construction since it is plastic and can be found at the lower end of the market in terms of cost, but surprisingly, the Hamilton Beach 68330N has a decent solid construction, even your child will be able to use!

What I like most is that it can make up to 4 quarts of frozen yogurt. This is double compared to what the Cuisinart above can make, and is huge compared to most products of its type. You will find this useful if you have a big family. The manufacturer says it will take about 20 to 40 minutes to finish making yogurt. But from what I have experienced, it usually does the job in 30 minutes.

As for cleaning, I do not think it can get any easier on a machine this cheap! It’s a simple process which doesn’t leave you deconstructing and reconstructing your machine, and will be done in a few minutes.

The Hamilton Beach 68330N is easy to use. Even if you have never made yogurt before, you will be up on your feet with the easy to follow manual. And as a bonus, it comes with 20 recipes, what more could you ask for from a machine this cheap?


Either option above would be excellent for a hobbyist looking to make frozen yogurt at home, and provide delicious desserts and treats! Of course, the capacity is one of the main differences, along with the looks, if you want something bigger, the Hamilton Beach is the one for you, but for a better looking model in your kitchen, stick to the ICE.

The Best Yogurt Maker For Making Soy Yogurt

eurocuisineEverybody has their preference when comes to what type of yogurt to make. For many people, soy yogurt is the best option, whether it is due to dietary restrictions or just preference. But store bought soy yogurt, as you might already know, is expensive, and often not as nice as home made. Making it at home is not only much cheaper, it can be tastier and let you experiment too.

So the question is, which yogurt maker is the best for soy yogurt? With so many models on the market, we’ve tried to help you make a decision. The Cuisinart CYM-100 is the BEST model for making Soy yogurt. Check it out here. Our reasons why are listed below…

Making Soy Yogurt

Producing your own soy yogurt is easy. You first need to have soy milk. This can be bought at a store or made from a soy milk maker. You will also need a starter which can also be bought in many stores.

With those two in hand, the next thing to do is making a choice about which yogurt maker is the top option for soy yogurt. As long as it can make other types of yogurts without problems, most yogurt makers will make simple work of Soy, and not have any problems, but there are some that do the job better than others.

My Recommendations

The Euro Cuisine YM100

Not all yogurt makers cut it when it comes to making yogurt. However, there are others with a track record of producing great soy yogurt like the Euro-Cuisine YM100.

It represents good value for you money. It is affordable and makes soy yogurt without any problems. I would have gone with the cheaper YM80, but the lack of a timer might put you off, with a timer you can set it up and forget about it until it is done.

The YM100 comes with 7 glass jars that are dishwasher safe. Cleaning them is nothing to really worry about and if you want, you can get a bigger container which fits in the maker nicely. Having seven jars is also great for making individual servings and playing around with flavours.

The automatic shut-off timer is really handy if you forget to turn the unit off when fermentation is done. The only downside is that this does not always work if you forget to take your yogurt out and refrigerate it after 12 hours. Heat trapped by the lid has been known to keep on cooking the yogurt. This is fine if you’re able to remember to take it out, but there is an even more convenient option.

Cuisinart CYM-100

To avoid that problem, you can get the Cuisinart CYM-100. The yogurt can stay in it for as long as it can without being over-fermented. This is because of its cooling system that kicks in once fermentation is done. The CYM-100 comes with one large container instead of jars as in the Euro-Cuisine YM100.

If you’re looking for a cheaper model, you could go with the Euro-Cuisine YM80, even if it does lack a timer. You might also want to consider the Dash Yogurt Maker. It is among the few low-end makers that produce great soy yogurt. This one too has a single large container which will make good quantities of product with ease. It doesn’t boast all the features of some of the others but that isn’t a problem for many of us.

And as a bonus, I find the Dash Yogurt Maker nice to look at. You will surely have no trouble putting it on your table for everyone to see.

So there, you have it. For your convenience, here is the list of makers I recommend for soy yogurt:

Euro-Cuisine YM100
Cuisinart CYM-100
Euro-Cuisine YM80
Dash Yogurt Maker

I hope you found this article helpful. Making soy yogurt at home is a nice way to look after your health and if you’re on a diet that requires you to have soy milk there is no reason you should be restricted. Hopefully you have just discovered some of the top yogurt makers that will help you achieve yogurt perfection!

The Cuisinart ICE-21 Frozen Yogurt Maker Review

ice21The Cuisinart ICE-21 Frozen Yogurt-Ice Cream & Sorbet Maker is a convenient way of making frozen deserts at home. It is a very handy device to have, and makes for a refreshing thing to do on a very hot day. It makes up to 1 ½ quarts of your desired dessert, from sorbet to frozen yogurt to ice cream. Cuisinart is a top manufacturer of these types of products, and the ICE is no exception.

Features of the Cuisinart ICE-21

  • an ingredient spout, used to add ingredients through
  • an easy-lock lid, through which the freezing process can be observed.
  • a mixing paddle
  • available in multiple colors to suit the style and look of your kitchen.
  • a base with a heavy duty motor
  • rubber feet to keep the base from slipping or sliding while being used
  • the cord can be pushed into the base when not being used
  • a freezer bowl which keeps the bowl at a cool and even temperature as it contains a cooling liquid within the double wall.
  • it stops automatically if the motor overheats.
  • it comes with a manual which has 28 recipes for frozen deserts.
  • it is made from ABS plastic, thermoplastic and metal.
  • The Ice-21 is 10.8 by 10,8 by 15.8 “ and weighs 9,7 pounds. It has a 3 year warranty and is BPA free.

Using the ICE-21

Amazon Reviews of the Cuisinart ICE-21

bowlWith the patented mixing paddle. frozen treats can be made in less that 20 minutes. There is also no need for ice, due to the freezing bowl. The heavy duty motor is capable of handling sherbert, ice cream and other frozen deserts. The unit has one button to turn it on and off . It is however simple to use. The user has to pre-chill the mix by putting the bowl into the freezer for a full day, and then transfer the mixture into kitchen containers where it can continue to harden it some more. After this, the desert is ready for consumption. Once the mixture is chilled, ice cream can be made in twenty minutes or less. The unit is capable of doing two batches of ice-cream immediately one after the other, since it is quite fast. The process has to be closely observed, as based on tests done, it is churns for too long, the ice cream will overflow over the sides and out of the machine. The bowls have also been found to be fairly difficult to clean. If you make a lot of frozen deserts, then it is a really good idea to purchase a second bowl. This way, you can have always have a backup in the freezer. With the large ingredient spout, it is easy to get ingredients into the Ice-21, which helps to keep the kitchen clean.

What Others Have Said

This machine is at the time of writing the top selling yogurt maker on Amazon, and it is there for a reason. With a 4.5/5 rating by customers, who have commented on its versatility, how easy it is to use and how durable it is. It really is one of the best Yogurt makers out there for frozen yogurt fans and offers huge value for money.

The Cuisinart Ice-21 is highly rated by Good Housekeeping which gave it their top rating, raving about its ability to make ice cream as well as frozen yogurt, which is of course what this is designed for. It is also rated highly by and It is easy to use, durable easy to clean and simple to use as well as making great deserts. The taste and quality of it’s ice-cream ranks with many other more expensive brands. It is also highly rated for the speed with which it makes ice cream and other frozen deserts. This product comes with our top recommendation.