Euro Cuisine GY50 Greek Yogurt Maker Review

euro greekIf you have had a chance to try Greek yogurt, it is likely that you thoroughly enjoyed it. However, the cost of purchasing one in a store is on the steep side. A solution, therefore, is to buy a yogurt maker. But not every maker out there can make Greek yogurt. Investing in a Greek yogurt strainer, like the Euro Cuisine GY50 is a smart decision, and this is a very affordable model, representing value for money, and it can even pay for yourself in the money you save on store-bought greek yogurt.

You may think this will make the yogurt from scratch (I did and so did others). However, it does not. It is simply a strainer kit that gets rid of whey leaving you with a thick and fairly solid yogurt, better known as Greek yogurt or cheese yogurt. This means you can use it with store-bought yogurt or yogurt you have made with a different yogurt maker.


Here are its specifications.

  • 2qts strainer with lid
  • Container for collecting whey
  • BPA free components
  • Instructions and recipes included

Using It

Making Greek yogurt is easy provided you already have the yogurt. While you can use a cloth, by far, the GY50 will give you the best results. And there are not many Greek yogurt strainer kits competing with it.

To begin with, this comes with a large strainer that can hold up to 2qts at a time which is enough to take a whole batch. This significantly reduces the time needed to work on making Greek yogurt.

Like I said, the name is kind of misleading. To make you make your Greek yogurt on the GY50, you should have the yogurt in hand, homemade or store-bought. What you do then is pour it into the strainer and keep it in a refrigerator. After 6 to 10 hours, your Greek yogurt will be ready. Now here is where the GY50 proves that it is the best. As you transfer the yogurt into a bowl, it just comes out in one piece. This is a dream on some other pricier models.

The only worrisome feature is the delicate mesh. If you get aggressive with it, it won’t live to make more Greek yogurt tomorrow. But with proper care, it can last many years. Fortunately, Euro Cuisine customer service is outstanding. A couple of customers who had their strainers damaged had them replaced at no extra charge.

Cleaning is one feature not to be overlooked. The GY50 is easy to clean with the mesh as the only problem. Try to avoid using metal objects or anything you feel might damage it. Another feature I find really useful is the instructions and recipe manual. It is clearly written and you will not have a hard time understanding it. All in all, the Greek yogurt this makes is simply great.

What Others are Saying

With a rating of 4.5 out of 5 on Amazon, this product is surely a winner. Many expressed concern on the mesh. As a matter of fact, it is the only issue on the whole strainer kit. And by reading the reviews, it is obvious Euro Cuisine has great customer service.


If you are into Greek yogurt, getting your hands on the Euro Cuisine GY50 is the right step in the right direction. This maker produces the best Greek yogurt easily. The delicate mesh is not a deal breaker in any way, it simply needs careful handling. And hey, did I said it is extremely cheap, offering great value for money?

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