The Best Yogurt Makers for Soy Yogurt

foldingMost yogurt makers can make many different types and kinds of yogurt especially our favorite soy yogurt. If you prefer soy, or have dietary requirements meaning soy yogurt is your only option, or you simply are looking for a multifunctional yogurt maker, check out our list for all the research on the best machines for making yogurt with soy.

The Folding Bread Proofer and Yogurt Maker is not your ordinary yogurt maker that prepares yogurt alone. Aside from being used in preparing yogurts, this baby can also ferment and rise bread dough as well as melt chocolate for your chocolate drink. Aside from these basic things that the Folding Bread Proofer and Yogurt Maker can do, it can also be used to keep your cookies and chips crispier.

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For a reasonable price, this soy yogurt maker is considered a super gift for most people who love working in their kitchen. Imagine the ability to make soy yogurt with exact thickness and tartness- that is what this yogurt maker promises. After making your yogurt, then bake some bread and presto- the kids have something heathy for their afternoon snack.

In terms of yogurt making and preparing soy yogurt, Cuisinart has something to say with its Cuisinart CYM100 Electric Yogurt Maker. For as only $130, you can now prepare your own soy yogurt or smoothies just like Pat Crocker.  This yogurt maker comes with the Cuisinart automatic cooling system (time controlled) so you don’t have to keep watching over it while it is making your soy yogurt.

The stainless design of this Cuisinart yogurt maker is timeless, giving it a look of elegance that will definitely suit your kitchen.

If you have more money to spend on a yogurt maker to ensure that your soy yogurt is at its best form afterwards, then you can have the $180 bucks yogurt maker from Salton. The Salton YM9 1-Quart Yogurt Maker can help you make soy yogurt for the entire family. Making a yogurt at this 1-quart container can definitely allow you to save a few bucks per preparation and in the long run, you’ll realize that your family yogurt just cost 10% of what you can be paying if you will purchase one in the market.

This Salton yogurt maker is freezer safe inside and it can be easily cleaned using hot soapy water or a warm cloth. Salton also offer 1 year warranty for this product.

Still, just like what most people have said, yogurt making doesn’t need to be expensive hence you can just purchase some soy and milk for your soy yogurt and use a cheap yogurt maker like Dash Yogurt Maker. This yogurt maker is simple in design and is very compact yet it is BPA free. It only cost $19 and it comes with a free recipe book on how to make other yogurts aside from soy yogurt.

If you are living alone or in a dorm or rented apartment, getting a cheap, compact and small yogurt maker will do since you will not be using it constantly. If you are living with a big family that loves yogurt though, one of these makers will do a superb job.