Cuisinart ICE-30BC Review – Ice Cream and Frozen Yogurt Maker

ice 30bcWe all scream for ice cream! Is there anybody who doesn’t like ice cream? We doubt it! And now you can have it any time you want. You have two options. The first one is to go to your closes supermarket and buy it, which is fine, but it isn’t going to be fresh and the varieties can quickly get boring, plus you don’t have control of the ingredients. The second option is to get an ice cream maker and eat as much as you want any time you want. This might not be good for you figure, but it will definitely satisfy your cravings, plus healthier snacks like frozen yogurt can be made. The market is swamped with ice cream makers, so how can you choose the right one?! We will give you the details on one of them and that is the very highly regarded and well reviewed Cuisinart ICE-30BC.


Cuisinart ICE-30BC is a fully automatic maker which you can use to make all kinds of frozen delights. You can make frozen yogurt, sorbet, ice cream, basically whatever frozen desert you can think of you can make it! The good thing is that you can easily experiment with different ingredients and create many flavours. You can make different recipes every day, until you run out of ideas. And today due to the wide spread of the internet you will have a lot of ideas and recipes to choose from.

This maker is made of stainless still and has a heavy duty motor. It consists of several detachable parts. First of all you have the housing where the freezer bowl is placed, then the freezer bowl itself, the ice cream dasher and a lid. They are all made of quality materials and are very durable. It has an impressive two quartz capacity meaning you can make a high volume of ice cream to feed a lot of people, plus, of course, it will keep for a long time in your freezer, so no pressure to eat it all at once.

How it Works

Here is how the Cuisinart ICE-30BC works. First of all you should put the bowl into the freezer. It is recommended that you leave it over nigh on 0 degrees in order to freeze well. Once the freezer bowl has frozen take it out and place it in the hosing. You should use the freezer bowl immediately after you take it out of the freezer as it will start to melt. Next you should put the ingredients inside and add the ice cream dasher. The dasher is the one that makes the ice cream. Then put the lid on. You will notice that the lid has a huge opening on top. This opening is used to add additional ingredients and spice up your recipe. Turn it on and that is all you need to do. It usually takes 20-25 minutes for the frozen treat to be ready. If you want your desert to be more solid you can put it in the freezer for some time, not to mention it can be kept in the freezer for consumption at a later date.


With this you have completed the procedure of making frozen dessert. As you can see the Cuisinart ICE-30BC is easy to use and very practical. It is a temptation to have in the kitchen, but who can blame us? This product has almost exclusively received five star reviews on amazon and is well reviewed wherever you go on the internet, with people commenting on its durability, build quality and of course the amazing ice cream and frozen yogurt it produces.

How to Make Yogurt in a Crock Pot

yogurtPeople often find it difficult to make yogurt at home. It is all too often that we end up with yogurt that becomes too loose a liquid or sometimes it becomes too thick. Sometimes the fermentation went wrong and people failed to make the perfect yogurt. Well, we’re here to help.

People are usually forced to buy yogurt from the supermarket. But that yogurt is not natural and not at all healthy as it contains additives, artificial flavors and sweeteners to give you consistent yogurt. We recommend a yogurt maker, which are specifically designed for this purpose, but many of us already have crock pots or slow cookers and use them day to day. For this reason, I have decided to give you the recipe of making yogurt using a crock pot.

A Crock pot is an electric container that helps you in cooking different things like soup, stew and yogurt etc. A Crock pot can also be used for heating as well as incubating milk which is useful especially for the making of yogurt. Using our recommended crock pot, I am going you share with you the recipe through which you can make yogurt.


Crock pot

1 gallon of milk

Cooking thermometer

A whisk or spoon

Yogurt starter (we recommend Yogourmet Freeze Dried Yogurt Starter)


First of all, you need to add the milk to the crock pot. The milk can be from any source like it can be goat’s milk or cow’s milk, or some other source. The yogurt remains unaffected based on the source. Heat milk and let it to boil till it reaches 180 to 190 degree Fahrenheit, after boiling, let the milk to cool down to room temperature at approximately 100 degree Fahrenheit. You can use the thermometer to get the accurate temperature readings so that the yogurt will be perfect.

Take at least half a cup of warm milk and add at least 2 tablespoon of yogurt starter. Stir slowly and firmly with a whisk for about 3 minutes. Add this mixture to the milk in the crock pot. Stir smoothly. Yogurt starter is used to add bacteria to the milk which performs fermentation to make the yogurt.

Cover the crock pot with its lid and keep it in oven or some warm place and let it settle. The fermentation process starts and it takes almost 5 to 6 hours to make perfect yogurt which is healthy and delicious as well.

Your home made yogurt is prepared and ready to eat. You can also add flavors like almond essence or strawberry essence to make flavored yogurt of your own choice.


  • The temperature of the milk must be accurately maintained otherwise the yogurt could not be made perfectly.
  • At temperature higher than 100 degree Fahrenheit, the bacteria were killed and at temperature lower than that cannot excite bacteria resulting in no yogurt at all.
  • The quantity of milk may vary and so is the time of heating and boiling.
  • The size of the container or crock pot has the direct relation with the heating and yogurt starter used. So be careful while making yogurt.

That’s quite simple. Isn’t it? The process isn’t that tough and though a yogurt maker does make the process even easier, this is a simple way to make your own at home if you already have a crock pot. Now make your own yogurt at home and eat healthy yogurt without additives and artificial flavors which can be harmful for your health.

Dash Yogurt Maker Review

dashWhen you ferment milk to the point that it becomes rich with useful nutrition then you are in fact making yogurt. In the process of fermentation of the milk you are using useful bacteria in order to get the desired result. What many are probably not aware of are the benefits of consuming yogurt. Yogurt is full of probiotics, which are in fact living organisms that can be very beneficial for the entire body when they are consumed in certain quantities. 

To make the entire procedure easier, companies have created simple or more sophisticated yogurt makers that will make you a delicious drink in a matter of hours. One of those makers is the Dash Yogurt Maker. In the following brief we will describe the method of use and the advantages of this maker.

Dash Yogurt Maker Looks and Features

Dash Yogurt Maker has very simple design. It is especially convenient for people with limited kitchen spaces due to its small size. It consists of a base container, a yogurt container and a lid. In addition it has an on/off button on the front of the maker.  Bear in mind that this is a rather basic maker which means that certain prepping and manual control will be needed.

Unlike the fully automatic makers, with this maker you will have to pre heat the milk. When you decide to make yogurt pre heat the milk you intend to use at the desired temperature. Make sure you use the milk right after you finish heating it. The next few steps are very easy. The milk, or your ingredients for making yogurt (as you might be using a powder or similar) should be placed in the yogurt container. Then the container should be placed inside the yogurt base and the lid should be closed. You will have to plug in the unit and wait for the maker to do its job. Unlike the fully automatic makers, with this maker you don’t have a display where you can adjust the time of the fermentation. In addition it doesn’t have an automatic stop when the fermentation is finished. That means that you will have to decide on your own how long do you want the process to take. The time will be determined by the type of yogurt you are making but it usually takes from 6 to 8 hours for the process to be finished. When the maker has finished its work, you should turn it off to let it know that the work is done.


When we consume yogurt it helps us improve the natural microflora and by that it also enhances the work of our intestines. As yogurt is mainly made of milk, in addition to the probiotics, you will also be consuming a product which is nutritive with other materials such as calcium, potassium, magnesium and much more. As we previously mentioned yogurts is made in the process of fermentation of milk.

The benefits of yogurt are undeniable, and this simple maker can be of great assistance in making delicious yogurt. You can experiment with the ingredients and make a variety of flavours that will make the entire experience of consuming yogurt more pleasurable. If you are looking for something on the cheaper end of the market, that proves a helpful tool without having all the bells and whistles of some of the more expensive makers on the market, this could well be the one for you. Generally very well reviewed on online retailers, the Dash isn’t the best yogurt maker on the market, but at its price point, it packs a punch.

Yogourmet Electric Yogurt Maker Review

yogourmet1Yogurt is a massive part of a lot of our diets, it is healthy, features in a huge amount of meals both savoury and sweet. However, we often wish we could adjust the yogurt according to our flavour and get exactly what we want. Well now you can definitely do that because there are plenty of yogurt makers that can help you get the taste you desire. One of which is the Yogourmet, which we’re going to be looking at today. Yogurt makers vary depending on the make or model and you are given the possibility of choosing between simple manual makers, semi manual makers or fully automatic ones. If you need a basic maker that can easily turn your milk into a cup of yogurt then Yogourmet Electric Yogurt Maker might be a perfect fit.

Looks and Features

Yogourmet Electric Yogurt Maker has very clean, simple look. It consists of big container with a lid, which is actually the base of the maker, a smaller container with a lid as well, thermometer and additional cotton bag. In addition the package usually includes a book of recipes that will give you more ideas on how to make different flavours and experiment with fruit yogurt or even make cheese using the cotton bag. Once you get this maker you will be just a step away from having unlimited quantities of yogurt whenever you want.

The base container has double layers. Between the layers it is filled with water which helps control the temperature in the maker. It also has a thermometer engraved both with Celsius and Fahrenheit measures to allow you to have a constant insight on the temperature of the maker. The container can fit up to two litters of yogurt, which enables you to make a quantity that is sufficient for the entire family. The lid of the inner container can be firmly closed enabling you to store the yogurt for further use. These containers can also be both separately from the maker in case you need to have more than one, and store different flavours of yogurt at the same time. The containers are made of BPA and PVC free plastic so they will not endanger your health.

Making the Yogurt

Making the yogurt itself is a piece of cake. All you have to do is preheat the milk, pour it into the inner container and place it into the base container. You should close the maker and plug it in. After 6 to 8 hours depending on the type of yogurt you are making, your product will be ready. For the entire time you can follow the temperature inside the maker to make sure everything is going according to the plan.

Hopefully with these few simple steps you have seen how easy it is to make delicious homemade yogurt. Once you try one of your own recipes you will never buy yogurt again. The Yogourmet Electric Yogurt Maker will make a real revolution in your kitchen and it will help you have your favourite fresh yogurt always at your disposal.

The Yogourmet has exceptional reviews on Amazon and other online retailers, with the vast majority of people giving it a five star review. It is mid range in terms of price but its features are definitely high end.

What is the Best Yogurt Maker for SCD Diets?

yogourmet1Lots of people love to eat yogurt and it is one of the favorite eatable for many of them. But some people avoid eating yogurt as it contains carbohydrates, artificial flavors and additives that can be harmful for health. Even if they buy yogurt from high quality brands, it still involve risk. So people find it useful to avoid eating packaged yogurt.

But according to famous nutritionists and health doctors, yogurt is an essential component for human body. It not only strengthens the immune system but also proves to be essential for proper working of human body. So avoiding yogurt isn’t the answer. However, what you can do is to create yogurt at home that includes natural and safe ingredients without any artificial flavors.

We’ve done the research and evaluated the best model on the market for those of us on a specific carb diet.

Most of the people find it difficult to make yogurt at home, but thanks to the yogurt making machines, it is a little easier these days. Now you can have one of the best yogurts making machine to make yogurt at home. This yogurt can be best for SCD as well. For the people who don’t know about SCD, it is worth mentioning that SCD stands for Specific Carbohydrate Diet, more information about it can be found online. This is a great overview of SCD and what it is used for


Now, onto our recommendation. It sells itself in many respects, being one of the best selling yogurt makers out there and customers have given it a very impressive average rating of 4.5/5 on Amazon. As well as this, it is affordable, and even has the potential to pay for itself as you reduce your consumption of store-bought yogurt.


If you are looking for a yogurt maker to make fresh, healthy SCD yogurt at home, then this machine is a perfect fit for you. It is great in terms of its functionality and design. The jars have large capacity so you can make healthy yogurt for all of your family at a time and the machine takes only 5 to 6 hours to create delicious and mouthwatering yogurt for you. Now you don’t have to spend a lot of money for buying yogurt from the market. You can directly use this machine to create it for yourself and your loved ones. The jars are designed in such a way so as to maintain the temperature that is ideal for quick fermentation process of the milk to give you ever great yogurt taste having a perfect thick consistency.

The machine is a perfect fit for the people who are on specific carbohydrate diet as the yogurt created by this machine is natural, thick, healthy and free from complex carbohydrates. So if you are thinking to maintain your health and body structure then this machine should be at your disposal within the home.

Moreover, the containers are also dishwasher safe so you can wash it without any stress. The containers have air tight lid to keep the yogurt fresh and avoid any spillage. With this machine, the company is also giving instructions and a thermometer to keep the temperature perfect for yogurt making, something which is really important.

You can have all this for a really reasonable price tag by buying this great yogurt maker. You can save your health and money side by side by just buying this one machine. The reviews on Amazon and other online retailers are hugely favorable, and a 4.5/5 rating on Amazon speaks for itself.

Reviewing The Best Euro Cuisine Yogurt Makers

euro cuisineEuro Cuisine is among the leading manufacturers of kitchen appliances, not to mention that they also lead in the yogurt makers industry. The company has a number of great yogurt makers that are giving its competitors a good run for their money. In this article, we will look at some of their impressive range, and the features of their products which have made them a powerhouse in the world of making yogurt at home.

Euro Cuisine YM100 Automatic Yogurt Maker

The YM100 is one of the most popular yogurt makers on the market, and it is the first I would recommend to anyone. There is a reason it tops the charts of the best sellers on Amazon, and the YM100 deserves all the accolades it gets.

  • 7 glass jars
  • Shut-off timer
  • Instructions and recipes

The Euro Cuisine has been exceptionally well reviewed all over the internet, and a glance at the product reviews on online retailers will show you how highly regarded this is. I doubt you will find any real flaws on this unit.

Starting with the glass jars that are dishwasher safe, those who are looking to avoid plastic jars are in luck. It also comes with a timer that will turn off the unit when cooking is done, this is one of the best features that people are constantly looking for. As for the yogurt, it is great that you will never miss the store bought type.

As if that is not enough for such a low price, the YM100 comes with a clear lid to let you see everything going on inside. Don’t underestimate how helpful this can be when you’re looking at whether the yogurt is ready.

For those who want something even cheaper than the YM100, then I would recommend the Euro-Cuisine YM80, it continues the proud tradition of their products. It is everything the YM100 is just without a shutoff timer, so will require that you manually turn it off when it is done. The best part is that it works just as great as its brother, along with all of their products. No wonder the YM80 is Amazon’s best-selling yogurt maker.

Euro Cuisine Automatic Yogurt Maker YMX650

The Euro-Cuisine YMX650 takes yogurt making to another level. While its two brothers get the job done without anything fancy, the YMX650 brings a touch of elegance to the table, something of a ‘premium’ version of the above, with a look and feel that would go nicely in any kitchen going.


  • Seven 6oz glass jars
  • Automatic shutoff feature
  • LED display
  • Instructions and recipes

For those with the money to spend on something elegant, Euro-Cuisine has got you covered with the YMX650. Not only does the LED display look good, it makes reading easy even in the dark. Setting the timer with the two buttons is as simple as it can get and the included manual does a wonderful job in getting you to speed with this maker. Like its brothers, the YMX650 also comes with a clear lid for your convenience.

Coming to the jars, they are the same ones and are also dishwasher safe. The lids saw an upgrade with the inclusion of dates to let you track when the yogurt was made, a really useful feature if you make a lot of yogurt and want to keep it to take for lunches for instance. You will find it extremely handy if you make lots of batches.

If you will be making Greek yogurt with this or want to make large quantities, you can purchase one of the large containers and it will fit in this without any problems.

I do not see how I can fail to recommend this maker to anyone. It is affordable and it has great features that make it distinct from the competition


Euro Cuisine don’t exclusively make yogurt makers, and their range extends to many other appliances. They’re a reputable company and there’s no question that you should consider their models if you’re looking for a high quality model of this type. We’ve reviewed a lot of their products in more detail here on the site if you need any further information.

Reviewing the Best Yogurt Makers On the Market

euro cuisine

Finding the best yogurt maker for your needs isn’t always straight forward. It is true that there is no one size fits all solution. Despite having a simple job of providing heat for fermentation, some do it a lot better than others you still need to pay attention as you might end up getting the wrong model for your needs.

First Recommended Model:  Cuisinart CYM-100 Electronic Yogurt Maker

There is one particular reason this is included on our list, and is the first yogurt maker we recommend. It is so important to have a shutoff timer if you’re looking for the absolute best yogurt possible. If you have a yogurt maker without one, it is vital to turn it off in time or your yogurt will over-ferment. One yogurt maker with a very effective timer is the Cuisinart CYM-100.


  • Built-in cooling system
  • 50 ounce container
  • LCD display
  • Stainless steel finish

Euro-Cuisine makers are great and their automatic shut-off function works. Some yogurt makers are guilty of trapping a lot of heat inside which keeps cooking the yogurt. That is where the Cuisinart CYM-100 wins. It goes into cooling mode when fermentation is finished. There is no other machine that does this. But this premium feature comes at a higher price than anything we have on this list.

And instead of jars, this one has one large container great for making big quantities. The build quality is very pleasing like you would expect on a maker as expensive as this one.

If you aren’t on a super tight budget, this should be the yogurt maker for you!

Second Recommended Model: Euro Cuisine Automatic Yogurt Maker YMX650

The Euro Cuisine YMX650 is one of the best yogurt makers you can get. And it is the one I first recommend to people who would like to do some serious yogurt making in the comfort of their own home.


  • 7 dishwasher-safe glass jars
  • Simple to use LCD display with auto shutoff timer
  • Instruction/recipe book so you can get started making delicious yogurt

Even though it is not over the top in terms of features, it has everything you would expect in a yogurt maker, and doesn’t over-complicate. Starting with the build quality, the YMX650 is one of the most durable machines on the market.

Coming to the jars, they are made of glass. This is a step up from the many yogurt makers on the market that come with plastic jars. Additionally, these jars are dishwasher safe. And as a bonus, they have lids with the option to include dates so you can keep track of when the yogurt was made, and make sure you eat it before it goes bad.

The YMX650 has an automatic shut-off timer. And it takes it to another level with the inclusion of an LCD display which is a little easier and more fun to use than a dial. As for cleaning, the glass jars are as easy as they get. If you have a dishwasher, you can use that as well.

Overall, the Euro-Cuisine YMX650 is a great yogurt maker and should be the first model you consider.

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Things to Consider When Choosing a Yogurt Maker

The one thing we’re assuming is that you know all of the benefits of yogurt! It is a food with an amazing history and tons of health benefits. If you do need more info on the product these makers will be producing, you can head here to get it.

Volume of Yogurt You Need

If you have a big yogurt-eating family, then you might need to invest in a maker capable of handling large quantities. On the other hand, if you make yogurt for yourself only, it would be ridiculous to purchase one with the largest capacity. Yogurt makers range in capacity from those with only a single jar to those with 6 to 8. And in some situations, you might have a choice of purchasing a larger container to fit in the whole yogurt maker. Multiple jars become useful when you want to make different flavors of yogurt in one batch. Again, they are handy as you can simply grab one to take on the road.


Since yogurt makers provide heat for fermentation, any unit will do the job as long as it can handle the heat-provision part well. With that said, it is, therefore, unjustifiable to go for something expensive hoping it will make a great yogurt maker.

Perhaps, the only reason you might need to spend more is when you believe you are paying for durability or a certain special feature. You might also go for it if you think it will look elegant in your kitchen.


Yogurt making takes time, usually up to 12 hours. Getting a maker with an automatic shut-off timer might prove to be helpful. This feature turns the unit off when the set time is over. So there is no chance of over fermentation which might affect the taste of your yogurt. If you are someone who does not have a problem remembering, or you’re at home and able to tend to your yogurt, you might not need a timer.

Most yogurt makers will have an alarm that beeps when the set time is reached. However, this does not always turn the unit off.

Electric or Non-Electric

Yogurt makers can run with or without electricity. Each has its own benefits and drawbacks. But generally, the electric ones are better. They provide a constant supply of heat to the yogurt which is necessary for a great final outcome. The Non-electric ones, on the other hand, use hot water to provide the heat. The water normally cools after some time but overall, they also make good yogurt. The biggest advantage is that they can make yogurt anywhere. For example, these will make yogurt when you are out camping.

More Options

Euro Cuisine YM80 Yogurt Maker

It is a number one seller on Amazon and for a good reason. Almost everyone who has bought this is happy with it because, at its price, many would expect something a little more basic. But surprisingly, this maker does a superb job, is it the best yogurt maker?


  • 7 dishwasher glass jars
  • Light indicator
  • Instruction/recipe book

Starting with the jars, they are the same ones found in the YMX650 above. They are made of glass and are dishwasher safe. Many yogurt makers in this price range come with plastic jars which get discolored after time.

Another surprising feature is the on/off light indicator (rare in this price range). As simple as it might appear, you will realize it is important when you head for bed without turning the maker on hoping you will find your yogurt ready in the morning. There is a single button you can use to turn the unit on or off.

Getting to the build quality, it is outstanding and the other yogurt makers that would challenge it are far and wide. Though you might be concerned about the absence of an automatic shut-off timer, it is important to remember that sacrifices had to be made in regard to price, and this feature is available on some of the more expensive Yogurt Makers, such as…

Euro-Cuisine YM100 Automatic Yogurt Maker

The YM100 is an upgrade of the YM80 in that it comes with an automatic shut-off timer. But this also means that the price had to increase, but only with $10.


  • Seven dishwasher safe glass jars
  • Automatic shut-off function
  • Power light indicator
  • Instruction/recipe booklet

It is much like the YM80 in every sense but with only the inclusion of the timer. The question you need to ask yourself, therefore, is whether you really need the timer.

The glass jars are the same and likewise, they are dishwasher safe. This one too has a clear lid so you can see how the process is progressing.

The body design, again, did not change except on this model, there is a dial for setting the timer. If you are one of those against the idea of washing a bunch of jars, then you can get yourself one of those large containers. It fits nicely in the maker.

Yogourmet Electric Yogurt Maker


Yogourmet Yogurt Maker

This is not the most user-friendly yogurt maker on the market, but its ability to make great tasting yogurt is what has earned it a place on this list.


  • Dishwasher safer inner container
  • Simple thermometer included
  • Instructions booklet

Unlike other yogurt makers, this one uses a different system in cooking the yogurt. Specifically, it uses a water-bath system. This, as the manufacturer claims, makes for even heating of the yogurt. Whether that is true or not, what matters is that the yogurt tastes great.

In addition to this, it comes with a large capacity container. If you are someone who does not like using jars, you might want to give this a try.


So there it is! Our guide to the best yogurt makers on the market and some things to look out for when you’re choosing which yogurt maker to buy. We hope this has been helpful in your quest for perfect yogurt.

Exploring the Best Yogurt Makers for Greek Yogurt

dash greekWhen you think of yogurt, one of the first things to spring into your mind is Greece – in many ways the world home of yogurt, and something millions of us consume every day, well now you can make it at home! If you are looking for a Greek yogurt maker, then you will find this article useful. Making Greek yogurt is easy, all you need are some tools and some knowledge. The yogurt makers featured here have everything you need to make Greek yogurt effortlessly.

Dash Greek Yogurt Maker

The first option is great quality and affordable! Not only does the Dash Greek Yogurt Maker sport an elegant look that will work in most kitchens, but it also makes the best Greek yogurt on the market. Available in blue, white and a more flamboyant pink, you can even choose a color to match your design.


  • Timer
  • Multiple storage container
  • Stainer
  • Recipe Book

The one thing I love about this Greek yogurt maker is how simple it is in appearance, but that does not translate to how it operates. It is actually a workhorse. Using it is easy and since it comes with a user manual, you will not have a hard time figuring out how to make Greek yogurt.

Included is a strainer that you can use in removing whey to have Greek yogurt. In addition to this, there is a timer that will alert you when cooking is finished. Another plus is how the containers stack up together to be stored in the maker, making it quick and easy to put away.

The recipe book, like that in most yogurt makers, is not something to write home about but you will definitely thank them for including it if this is your first time making yogurt, as it will help you pick up the basics of the process.

Cleaning, storage and use are all made easy with the Dash. Highly recommended.

Oster CKSTYM1012 Mykonos Greek Digital Yogurt Maker

Another option for you now, the Oster CKSTYM1012 delivers great yogurt. It makes the process of making Greek yogurt so easy and you will love the result.


  • 17oz plastic container
  • Six 7oz glass jars
  • Manual

The Oster CKSTYM1012 is made from plastic, but it does not look or feel cheap. The manufacturer has opted for glass jars which are another plus. There is also a large plastic container that you can use for making large quantities of the same flavor of Greek yogurt. You might also use it if you do not want to waste time washing the individual jars, though they’re great for experimenting with flavors and preferences.

A Greek strainer is already included meaning there is no need to purchase one. And getting to the Greek yogurt this makes, there is nothing you really can complain about because the yogurt is great.

The Oster CKSTYM1012 is a great yogurt maker. Many who bought it are very happy with it and have given it a good rating, as a quick look on online retailers will show you.

The two options above provide you with different options at different price points, and both stand head and shoulders above other yogurt makers when it comes to making the Greek version of yogurt. They’re both simple to use and very effective, don’t look unpleasant in your kitchen and won’t leave you disappointed when it comes to the taste test.

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