EasiYo Non-Electric Yogurt Maker Review

easiyoEating yogurt is a good way to keep your digestive system healthy and it is great for your diet (and waistline). It contains probiotics that are very useful for your entire body. However very often go to the shop and buy it instead of making more healthy, homemade yogurt. Having this in mind the companies have decided to make our life easier. There are simple and practical yogurt makers which can produce fresh yogurt in just a few hours. One of them is the EasiYo Yogurt Maker, we’ve reviewed it in some detail below to help you decide if the EasiYo is the kitchen appliance for you.

Looks and Features

EasiYo Yogurt Maker can help you make fresh yogurt in a matter of hours without making a lot of mess in the kitchen. It is a unique system which will turn the making of yogurt as easy as making coffee. You can easily serve your guests with yogurt next time they come to visit.

It has very simple design and it resembles a regular thermos. It consists of two parts. You get a yogurt jar and the actual yogurt maker. They come in two colours, white and pink and have very cute look. The parts do not contain polycarbonate, BPA or any other hormones. The best part is that they do not use electricity to make yogurt. So you don’t have to worry if you leave it over night or leave the house while you are making yogurt. In fact we encourage you to leave it. Forget about the fact that you have yogurt for the next 8 hours. Make sure to remember it after that because it will be ready for you. If you forget it for more than 24 hours than you might have to check the quality of the yogurt as we are talking about having fresh yogurt rather than a stale one. 

Unlike other yogurt makers where you have to pre-heat and prepare the ingredients here you don’t have to do any of that. This maker has a baffle system that controls the head and makes sure the temperature is right to activate the lactic ingredients. This is a real plus point and a USP for the EasiYo, making it one of the top yogurt makers for your home. This does mean it only works with EasiYo branded stater sachets and mixes, but these are easy to get hold of and it doesn’t make things difficult.

In order to make your yogurt you have to follow three simple steps. First of all fill in the yogurt jar with cold tap water. Put some of the content from the EasiYo starter sachet and add sugar and other experimental ingredients if you want to. Add some more water and close the lid. Then shake everything. The second step is to pour some boiling water into the maker.  Make sure you don’t cross the top of the red line.  Next you need to put the jar into the maker. The baffle system will let you know how far you can go. Close the lid on the yogurt maker and your job is finished. After 6 to 8 hours you will have fresh yogurt.


In summary, although there are some other models that are more automated and make use of electricity, for a non-electric version that you can use anywhere and even take out and about with you. This is a great, affordable yogurt maker for you to use with ease in the comfort of your own home.

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