Best Yogurt Starters – Which Yogurt Starters and Cultures to Use

yogurt starterWhile many people just go for any kind of yogurt starter, it is a very good idea to go for some known names that have been making these products for years and do the job better than others. Starters are needed for the process of making yogurt, whether you’re using a crock pot or a yogurt maker or using a more old fashioned method. They come in various types with some being reusable, others made with dairy free products etc..

So without wasting any more time, let’s look at some of the best yogurt starters, otherwise known as yogurt cultures, you can buy.

Euro-Cuisine R11020 Yogurt Starter

Euro-Cuisine claims this starter works better when combined with a Euro-Cuisine yogurt maker. But from the looks of it, it is a move aimed at push more sells of their yogurt makers as the yogurt starter works fine with any yogurt maker. Their range is fantastic, but the starter isn’t specific to their products. 

And in case you have never made yogurt before, the package has easy to follow instructions at the back. Ingredients used in making this include skim milk powder, sucrose, ascorbic acid and lactic bacteria.

Yogourmet Freeze Dried Yogurt Starter

In case the yogurt starter above does not tick all the boxes for you, then you might consider purchasing this one. It makes great yogurt every time so long as you follow the instructions. Additionally, it is known to work well with any yogurt maker.

It has a total of 9 packs and each box makes 6 quarts of yogurt. But that will largely depend on the recipe you follow as you will use less/more in some situations. The ingredients used are skim milk powder, sucrose, ascorbic acid and lactic bacteria. 

Despite having the same ingredients as the Euro-Cuisine R11020 Yogurt Starter, many love using this making it the best-selling yogurt starter on the internet.

Belle and Bella Yogostarter

Some studies have said that more than half of the population is intolerant to dairy products. But that should not stop those with this problem from enjoying some homemade yogurt. There are a number of yogurt starters that are aimed at such customers and one of these is from Belle and Bella.

The starter works well with coconut milk, almond milk and many other types of non-dairy milk. When compared with other starters in its category, it makes more non-dairy yogurt.

And as a warning, you should never try to use this with dairy milk. You will not love the result and you will start cursing the day you bought this starter. But for non-dairy, this starter will do a great job.

GI ProStart

If you are looking for non-dairy yogurt starters, here is another one that will let you enjoy some non-dairy yogurt in the comfort of your home. It is also one of the best-selling yogurt starters around. Making it even better that it gives amazing results every time.

Like the previous one, it also works well with almond milk, coconut milk, soy milk and so many other types of non-dairy milk. So those on SCD diet will greatly appreciate investing in this.

One thing though, it is a bit pricey when compared with other yogurt starters. But apart from that, it is an outstanding starter. The fact that many are loving it is proof enough that it is worth looking into.

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