How to Make Yogurt in a Crock Pot

yogurtPeople often find it difficult to make yogurt at home. It is all too often that we end up with yogurt that becomes too loose a liquid or sometimes it becomes too thick. Sometimes the fermentation went wrong and people failed to make the perfect yogurt. Well, we’re here to help.

People are usually forced to buy yogurt from the supermarket. But that yogurt is not natural and not at all healthy as it contains additives, artificial flavors and sweeteners to give you consistent yogurt. We recommend a yogurt maker, which are specifically designed for this purpose, but many of us already have crock pots or slow cookers and use them day to day. For this reason, I have decided to give you the recipe of making yogurt using a crock pot.

A Crock pot is an electric container that helps you in cooking different things like soup, stew and yogurt etc. A Crock pot can also be used for heating as well as incubating milk which is useful especially for the making of yogurt. Using our recommended crock pot, I am going you share with you the recipe through which you can make yogurt.


Crock pot

1 gallon of milk

Cooking thermometer

A whisk or spoon

Yogurt starter (we recommend Yogourmet Freeze Dried Yogurt Starter)


First of all, you need to add the milk to the crock pot. The milk can be from any source like it can be goat’s milk or cow’s milk, or some other source. The yogurt remains unaffected based on the source. Heat milk and let it to boil till it reaches 180 to 190 degree Fahrenheit, after boiling, let the milk to cool down to room temperature at approximately 100 degree Fahrenheit. You can use the thermometer to get the accurate temperature readings so that the yogurt will be perfect.

Take at least half a cup of warm milk and add at least 2 tablespoon of yogurt starter. Stir slowly and firmly with a whisk for about 3 minutes. Add this mixture to the milk in the crock pot. Stir smoothly. Yogurt starter is used to add bacteria to the milk which performs fermentation to make the yogurt.

Cover the crock pot with its lid and keep it in oven or some warm place and let it settle. The fermentation process starts and it takes almost 5 to 6 hours to make perfect yogurt which is healthy and delicious as well.

Your home made yogurt is prepared and ready to eat. You can also add flavors like almond essence or strawberry essence to make flavored yogurt of your own choice.


  • The temperature of the milk must be accurately maintained otherwise the yogurt could not be made perfectly.
  • At temperature higher than 100 degree Fahrenheit, the bacteria were killed and at temperature lower than that cannot excite bacteria resulting in no yogurt at all.
  • The quantity of milk may vary and so is the time of heating and boiling.
  • The size of the container or crock pot has the direct relation with the heating and yogurt starter used. So be careful while making yogurt.

That’s quite simple. Isn’t it? The process isn’t that tough and though a yogurt maker does make the process even easier, this is a simple way to make your own at home if you already have a crock pot. Now make your own yogurt at home and eat healthy yogurt without additives and artificial flavors which can be harmful for your health.

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