Exploring the Best Yogurt Makers for Greek Yogurt

dash greekWhen you think of yogurt, one of the first things to spring into your mind is Greece – in many ways the world home of yogurt, and something millions of us consume every day, well now you can make it at home! If you are looking for a Greek yogurt maker, then you will find this article useful. Making Greek yogurt is easy, all you need are some tools and some knowledge. The yogurt makers featured here have everything you need to make Greek yogurt effortlessly.

Dash Greek Yogurt Maker

The first option is great quality and affordable! Not only does the Dash Greek Yogurt Maker sport an elegant look that will work in most kitchens, but it also makes the best Greek yogurt on the market. Available in blue, white and a more flamboyant pink, you can even choose a color to match your design.


  • Timer
  • Multiple storage container
  • Stainer
  • Recipe Book

The one thing I love about this Greek yogurt maker is how simple it is in appearance, but that does not translate to how it operates. It is actually a workhorse. Using it is easy and since it comes with a user manual, you will not have a hard time figuring out how to make Greek yogurt.

Included is a strainer that you can use in removing whey to have Greek yogurt. In addition to this, there is a timer that will alert you when cooking is finished. Another plus is how the containers stack up together to be stored in the maker, making it quick and easy to put away.

The recipe book, like that in most yogurt makers, is not something to write home about but you will definitely thank them for including it if this is your first time making yogurt, as it will help you pick up the basics of the process.

Cleaning, storage and use are all made easy with the Dash. Highly recommended.

Oster CKSTYM1012 Mykonos Greek Digital Yogurt Maker

Another option for you now, the Oster CKSTYM1012 delivers great yogurt. It makes the process of making Greek yogurt so easy and you will love the result.


  • 17oz plastic container
  • Six 7oz glass jars
  • Manual

The Oster CKSTYM1012 is made from plastic, but it does not look or feel cheap. The manufacturer has opted for glass jars which are another plus. There is also a large plastic container that you can use for making large quantities of the same flavor of Greek yogurt. You might also use it if you do not want to waste time washing the individual jars, though they’re great for experimenting with flavors and preferences.

A Greek strainer is already included meaning there is no need to purchase one. And getting to the Greek yogurt this makes, there is nothing you really can complain about because the yogurt is great.

The Oster CKSTYM1012 is a great yogurt maker. Many who bought it are very happy with it and have given it a good rating, as a quick look on online retailers will show you.

The two options above provide you with different options at different price points, and both stand head and shoulders above other yogurt makers when it comes to making the Greek version of yogurt. They’re both simple to use and very effective, don’t look unpleasant in your kitchen and won’t leave you disappointed when it comes to the taste test.

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