Yogurt Maker Review – Look Good Feel Great YM-6/2393 Yogurt Maker

lookgoodfeelgreatEverybody is looking for the yogurt making machines that can help them out in making perfect thick yogurt without much effort so that they don’t have to buy yogurt from the market that includes artificial flavors and additives. But they often get confused while selecting a yogurt maker for their kitchen as there are a variety of products available in the market and they couldn’t decide which product is best for their home.

Well if you are in the position described above, don’t worry. Our site is here to guide you and help you out. I am going to tell you about a yogurt making machine that is great in every sense and is extremely affordable. I am talking about the Look Good Feel Great YM-6/2393 Yogurt Maker. This machine is great for those of us on a budget, or even those who just want to experiment with making their own homemade yogurt.

Let’s take a look at the features of this great yogurt maker.


Following are some of the great features and specifications of Look Good Feel Great YM-6/2393 Yogurt Maker:

  • The yogurt making machine helps you in making yogurt at home quite easily without any effort. As simple to use as yogurt makers get.
  • Container has the capacity of up to 0.8 quart that is enough for making yogurt for the entire family.
  • With this yogurt maker, you can make yogurt that can serve 2-4 people at a time.
  • The yogurt making machine also comes with a convenient storage container. This provides you simple storage of yogurt without shifting from one container to the other.
  • Moreover, the Look Good Feel Great yogurt maker comes with a recipe book that includes the recipes of all the delicious dishes that you can make with your yogurt created by yogurt maker.

Isn’t that great? You get a lot of features in minimal price. Do you want to know what other people think about the product? Let’s take a look at other people’s thoughts and views.


The customers are really satisfied with the features and the working of this yogurt maker and highly appreciate the product at the Amazon website. The product has the current rating of over 4 stars.

One user has suggested that the machine works great in making yogurt in just 8 hours and you do not have to watch the yogurt so closely to make it perfectly. The yogurt making machine does all that for you in appropriate time, which frees you up to do other things.

Another user has commented that she made the yogurt with powdered milk following the recipe provided with the product and the yogurt turned out to be great. The powdered milk also cuts off the warm up time as the milk was made with tap water. So it was quite quick. You can experiment with things like almond milk as well to great effect with this maker.


You can get this great product for just over the $20 mark, which is pretty exceptional as it comes with lots of features and a recipe book. It is cheaper to buy a non-electric yogurt maker such as this of course, and you may find more features if you splash out and go for an electric model, but if your needs are analog then this could well be the one for you.

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