Yogurberry No Electricity Fermentation Homemade Yogurt Maker Review


Who said you always need electricity to make yogurt? If for some reason you cannot use electricity or want to stay eco-friendly, or simply prefer this method, but still fancy a cup of homemade yogurt, then let me introduce you to the Yogurberry yogurt Maker. It is probably one of the most fun yogurt makers on the market and provides excellent results.


Here they are in detail:

  • 1 cup
  • Heating frame (which also looks like a cup)
  • The body with a lid
  • A transparent inner lid


I find the design quite playful although they call it fancy. It looks more like a food package, contrary to container shaped yogurt makers that have flooded the market. I know there are some who might not like this, but I think it is cute.

Coming to the color, it continues being fancy. It comes in pink or white. Whatever will suit your taste, go with it. But in my opinion, I think the colors are inclined to the feminine side.

Using It

Like the name suggests, the Yogurberry does not need electricity to function. Now this in itself a great feature. There are other families who do not live on the grid or have unreliable electricity. Likewise, anyone who for some reason does not want to use electricity will find the Yogurberry useful.

Making yogurt is quite easy and fun thanks to its design. Basically, here are the steps.

  • Have your drinking yogurt and milk ready
  • Mix the yogurt and milk in the cup and close the lid.
  • Place the heat frame in the body and pour in hot water
  • Place your cup into the heat frame
  • Take the inner lid and close the heat frame
  • Take the outer lid and close the body
  • Leave it for 8 to 10 hours

That is how the process works. As you can see, it is very simple.

As for the yogurt this maker produces, it is surprisingly great. You can even use your own flavors and it will still turn out great.

However, there are some limitations. Firstly, there is only one cup included and it cannot hold a huge amount of yogurt. If you have a big family, you are out of luck. Unfortunately, you cannot get a bigger size cup that will fit in the body.

This will be very appealing to people who make yogurt for themselves casually. Again, it will be very appealing to kids because of its fancy design and ease of use. And talking about its ability to operate without electricity, it might be a great tool to take out for camping (but you will have to drink your yogurt instantly as it needs to be kept in a refrigerator).

As for cleaning, this is the easiest. You can do it in less than a minute or two.


If you are looking for a simple yogurt maker that is fun and easy to use, look no further than the Yogurberry. Its ability to operate without electricity is a bonus. But be sure you know what you are getting as making yogurt for the whole family is not the best.

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