How to Make Vegan Yogurt in a Yogurt Maker

yolifeSince yogurt is usually made of dairy products, it might not be suitable for vegans. However, there are many yogurt lovers who are vegans, so there must be something they do to be able to enjoy with some delicious yogurt. Well the good news is that there are many ways you can avoid using dairy products and still be able to consume your favourite food. The market is full of vegan yogurts with many different flavours. The only problem with these yogurts is that you can never know if they have really used non-dairy products or they are just promoting them as vegan products. To be one the safe side you might want to try making your own yogurt. This can be easier than you think. It is no different than making regular yogurt, just instead of using regular milk you can use alternative milk sources such as soy milk, coconut milk, almond milk or similar ingredients. So the question is -how to make vegan yogurt in a yogurt maker?

Obviously the first thing you need to do is buy a yogurt maker. There are a number of yogurt makers you can use depending on the available budget and the requirements you have for your new kitchen appliance. Once you find the perfect maker, the rest is easy.

To prepare vegan yogurt you need several ingredients. You need to have alternative milk, thickener, different fruits that you want to add and some culture. Add the culture into the milk and put it into a warm environment for about six to eight hours. The duration of the process depends on the type of yogurt you make. The longer you leave the yogurt in the warm environment, the thicker and tarter it gets. If you believe that the yogurt is thick enough and tart enough you can shorten the process.

The entire procedure is a lot easier if you are using a yogurt maker. If you are planning on experimenting with different flavours you might want to consider buying one that consists of a number of single jars. The best thing about these this of maker is that instead of the jars you can use a bigger bowl and make only one flavour. If you have a little more money to spend then you can choose a maker that has a timer. With this maker all you need to do is put the ingredients inside the maker and set the time needed for fermentation. Then just walk away. After the set time, the maker will automatically shut off. However you should remember taking the yogurt out of the maker. If you want to avoid the possibility of forgetting the yogurt into the maker, then you might consider getting a maker that also acts as a refrigerator and keeps the yogurt in good condition even if you forget to take it out of the maker. Regardless of your choice you would be able to make some good home-made vegan yogurt.

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