Best Yogurt Makers with Temperature Control

Ifcym-100 you want something done, do it yourself! That is the only way you can be sure of its quality and the way it is done. We are referring to food and drinks here, or more precisely to yogurt. We are all aware that yogurt can be beneficial if consumed on a regular basis as it contains a lot of good bacteria that can help your digestive system. Moreover, yogurt can be good for your entire body. Instead of buying yogurt from a shop where there is a chance that it’s not fresh or tasty, and the ingredients cant be guaranteed, you can make it yourself in the comfort of your home. There are a variety of makers you can choose from depending on your preferences. In this article we will focus on one particular type of yogurt makers and that is the one that has a temperature control.

It is difficult to find a yogurt maker that has a temperature control option. Most of the makers only make the yogurt. Some have a cooling mode but very few have a real temperature control. In the research we have made we were able to find one that complies with our requirements.

Cuisinart CYM-100

One of the best yogurt makers on the market full stop, the fact that this offers a cooling mode puts it at a big advantage to many of its competitors and even the rest of the Cuisinart range. Sometimes when the process ends these yogurt makers can continue to cook the yogurt with the residual heat left in the machine. For the ultimate in control this is the one for you. It also offers a huge capacity and is one of the easiest to use yogurt makers out there, as well as being sturdily built and being finished with a classy stainless steel look which is sure to suit any kitchen. The CYM-100 comes with our top recommendation.

Start Set Yogurtia

Start Set Yogurutia is another option which has true temperature control throughout the whole process – a small and practical yogurt maker that doesn’t take too much space and at the same time produces tasty yogurt. This is a Japanese product and although the two buttons are marked in Japanese it’s not a science fiction understanding what they mean. The left button on the maker is to turn on/off the maker. The button on the right is the one that we are interested in the most. That button allows you to adjust the temperature for fermentation. For those people who use the maker to make regular yogurt this won’t mean much. However for those that tend to make different types of products that require a certain temperature for fermentation this maker would be the best thing they have owned.

The maker comes with a tub body with a lid and a spoon that goes inside the maker. To make your drink you just need to put in the desired ingredients inside the tub body, close it and put into the maker. Close it again and set you preferences. The good thing about this maker is that the ingredients don’t have to be pre-cooked. That means that the milk (or whatever else you are using) doesn’t have to be heated prior to the process.

This maker can be bought for an affordable price having in mind the possibilities it offers. With this maker you will not only be able to make yogurt, but you will also be able to make caspian sea yogurt, natto or other things you like consuming. This can be your next favourite kitchen appliance!

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